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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Caracal and its variations are great platforms for PVE play, particularly for level 2 missions. Capable of mounting up to five heavy missile launchers (with the appropriate skills). Missiles allow the Caracal to attack NPC ships from ranges exceeding 40km, which is often outside the range of enemy weapons. Missiles are also a good weapon system to use in level 2 missions because they do excellent damage to enemy cruisers, but are also effective against frigates because they don't rely on turret tracking speed.

Fitting your Caracal[edit]

High Slots[edit]

Weapons on the Caracal should consist primarily of missile launchers due to the considerable bonuses offered for this weapon type. Heavy missile launchers are the primary weapon for the caracal, because they have a high damage output, and a long range. Heavy Assault Missile Launchers are also an option, but they are less favored due to the fact that the Caracal performs better at longer ranges. Assault Missile Launchers are useful for level 2 missions where most targets are frigates which do not receive full damage from heavy missiles. They are also a surprisingly effective and fitting-friendly choice against larger targets, since their DPS is close to that of heavy missiles in the hands of lower skilled players, though their range is shorter.

Medium Slots[edit]

In PVE, an active tank is often the preferred method of protecting the Caracal. However, it is also a good idea to fit some passive modules such as a shield extender and modules that provide enemy-specific resistance bonuses.

Low Slots[edit]

Low slots on a Caracal are rather limited, with only two slots, and may be used to fit modules increasing CPU and/or power grid. A popular option is to use a low slot to fit one or more missile guidance systems to improve missile damage and launcher speed.


All variations of the Caracal have a 10m³ drone bay with 10Mbit/s bandwidth meaning they can carry a small amount of drones to assist in missions. Since the Caracal should have no trouble damaging medium targets such as other cruisers, a good idea is to carry 2 Light Drones, which are useful for taking down frigates, as well as saving ammo when attacking structures in missions when you have extra time.

Example Fitting[edit]

This is an example fitting for PVE missions using the best available named modules. This is a good all-around combat mission vehicle, though you should expect to change the shield resistance amplifier to better represent the factions you fight in missions. This is not the *best* fitting available for the Caracal for all players, your play style should be considered when fitting any ship.

High Slots[edit]

  • Heavy Missile Launcher x 4
  • Assault Missile Launcher x 1

This missile setup allows plenty of firepower for taking down cruisers. It also includes an assault launcher to help take out frigates, and also because it consumes less CPU and power grid to fit.

Medium Slots[edit]

  • 10MN Afterburner I : Afterburners allow you move quicker to help escape or engage enemies, collect loot faster, improve translational velocity, and many other useful purposes.
  • Medium Shield Booster I: This shield booster will allow a quick recharge of your shields, and is the main component of your active tank.
  • Shield Boost Amplifier I: Will improve the amount of shield hp recovered by your shield booster and will also reduce the amount of capacitor charge used to regain shield HP.
  • Medium Shield Extender I: Increases your shield hit points by 42%, as well as causing your shield to recover more hp per second.
  • Magnetic Scattering Amplifier I: Increases resistances EM damage. It is a good idea to add an amplifier that corresponds with the type of damage your NPC enemies will deal.

Low Slots[edit]

  • Damage Control I: Damage control devices are an excellent addition to any ship, providing a huge overall resistance bonus for extremely little activation cost.
  • Ballistic Control System I: This will increase the damage of your on-board missile systems. This provides an obvious benefit to your combat abilities.

Recommended Skills[edit]

The following skills up will greatly increase the performance of your Caracal. It is recommended that you train all of them to at least level III.

Additional Images[edit]

Below are additional ships images. Click the image below for a larger version: