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This section is a subcategory of the Exploration category.

Once in a while, battles in Deadspace tend to escalate due to you being able to track down the origins/destinations of enemy messages or finding compromising plans or data in ship wrecks. These are called Expeditions (sometimes known as an escalation) and normally escalate further and further, until you either reach a dead end or the final location (mostly found in Low Security Space).

Receiving an expedition is chance based and can be triggered by completing either a Cosmic anomaly or Cosmic signature unrated combat sites found by Probing for exploration sites. This Category only lists the escalations from the unrated combat sites. The escalations from cosmic anomalies are listed in the DED Complex List.

When you receive an escalation, the location will be listed in the expedition tab of your Mission journal.

These Final complexes are dangerous not only because of the NPC enemies but as well due to player pirates roaming the area and scanning your ship down but the rewards can include special pirate modules like p.e. the Pithum-C-Type Shield Hardeners or even pirate-modded POS/pirate ship Blueprints.

- Note also that Escalation "Trees" might lead to a "Dead End" which would result in you getting no further escalation messages for that escalation path. This can even be achieved by shooting ships at the wrong time.

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