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Mining with a Mobile Tractor Unit[edit]

Welcome to a small guide on the use of the Mobile Tractor Unit.

As you have nodoubt read all the other guides relating to mining by now, this will focus on a more large scale operation both for solo and corp mining. To maximise your time, killing those rocks in space.

Time is money as they say...

So we all im sure have done jet can mining, well this way will ensure everyone can mine without having to run back and forth from a station.

I started with afew just to see if they worked well, in the end well i have 30 Mobile Tractor Units in space...

The basic setup

File:Tractor Mining.jpeg

Ok so looking at it, the questions will be...[edit]

Q. Why are the furthest Tractor Units 140Km away from both Miner and asteroid belt?

A. The Mobile Tractor Units interfere with each other.

Q. Why is there one tractor unit set at 60km away?

A. Once its full, it acts as a feeder to the other tractor units.

Q. Do i fill up a jet can?, because it keeps floating away

A. No the can's you eject will be sucked up by the Tractor Units, so there is no need to even attempt to fill a can.

Just fill your hold and eject.

Q. Any issues with this setup?

A. Yes if wrecks are produced, they must either be salvaged quickly or destroyed. They interfere with the converyer belt.

Q. How do i know when all my units are full?

A. When you have more than 4 canister's floating around near the main group of Units for 5 minutes, then all of them are full.

So now their full, you collect them...

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