Celestial Agent Beacon Site

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

File:1211 128 0 celestial agent beacon.png Celestial Agent Beacon Powered flash-battery fitted, this beacon sends out signals throughout the entire solar system.

  • This is an entry in the Type column of the Overview Panel.
  • Its icon in the IC column is the beacon designation (an upside down triangle with a tail on top), colored yellow.
  • To make these appear in your Overview Panel, go to the Overview settings-->Filters tab-->Types subtab-->Celestial section. Place an X in the checkbox entitled Beacon.
  • To help understand Agents, such as Event Agents and NPC Corp Agents and Missions guide.

These sites contain celestial agents. The agents can be for epic arcs, cosmos, etc. They are not combat sites per se, but a few do have NPC pirates that can aggress. They will have a name in the Name column of the Overview Panel. The Carnival in the Barkrik system is an example of a Celestial Agent Beacon Site.