Character Transfer Transparency and Data Cleanup (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Title: Character Transfer Transparency and Data Cleanup
  • Raised by: Z0D
  • Submission Date: 12 March 2010
  • Issue ID: ???


Provide for an in-game transparency that a character was sold/transfered from one account to another. Also, provide a means of rudimentary data cleanup/sanitizing if needed during this transfer. All action takes place on CCP's servers during the transfer.


When a character is transfered via CCP's approved character transfer service on a player's account services page, the character in question is transfered form one account to another after making a payment to CCP. The transfer happens behind the scenes on CCP's servers. Instead of placing the character directly into the new player's account during transfer, CCP would place the character into a CCP owned, in-game corporation, for up to a minute. This corporation would be a known CCP corporation specifically for the purpose of character transfers. It would not be intractable or join-able other than through this service. The corporation name could be Eve Role-Playable, ("CONCORD Pilot Relocation Services" or similar). This puts an in-game time/date stamp in a character's employment history that the pilot/character changed players/owners on that date.

Also, during the character transfer, place a radio button on the character transfer web page to clear/not clear personal pilot information. Items from the People and Places tab that are non-agent related should be cleared out if requested in the transfer. Choose to clear or not clear data would look as follows:

[ ] Clean out People and Places during character transfer. Remove personally created data. [ ] Do NOT clean out People and Places. Leave data alone.

Items to be cleaned/deleted:

  • All bookmarks deleted
  • All buddies deleted
  • All block lists deleted
  • All personal standings towards anyone zero'd out or null'd
  • All kill rights (to/for) nullified
  • All Eve-Mails are deleted (except agent)
  • All Eve-Mail notifications are deleted (except agent)
  • All Combat Logs deleted

Wallet and Contracts are not part of this data cleansing. Also, agent info, agent relations and standings to NPC corporations/factions are not touched.

In summary, during a character transfer, the following happens:

  • Character transfered from owner to CCP
  • Character receives a time/date stamp in an in-game corporation under CCP's control
  • Character is transfered to new owner
  • If desired by original owner, People and Places are cleared out as described above.


Provides a better transparency for all players as to whom a person is dealing with, whether or not the corp history matters if a new player is piloting the character. Also, provides a way to clean up prior personal data fro a character during sale if desired by the original character owner.


Could be abused by players willing to pay the transfer fee to make it appear that a character is under a new player's control if transfered to another one of their own accounts.

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Rejected 1/7