Chribba's Prayer

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Template:PCF Our Chribba, who art in the belt.
Hallowed be thy Veldnaught.
Thy ore be mined.
Hidden belts we find.
In 0.0 as it is in Empire.
Give us this day our daily Veldspar.
And forgive us our ore theft,
As we forgive those who thieve against us.
And lead us not into gate camps,
But deliver us from pirates.
For thine is the ore,
and the ice, and the moons,
fore ever and ever.

- Xindi Kraid

Miner's Psalm[edit]

Yea though I Mine through the valley of Veldspar,
I will fear no Ganking:
for Chribba art with me;
His roids and Veldnought comfort me.

- Tuttomenui II

Miner's War Cry[edit]

Veld for the Veld God!

- Uncredited