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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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About Chribba[edit]

A long-time EVE player and long-time EVE third party developer. Currently located in the regions of Stockholm, Sweden - in the search for Veldspar. Chribba is famous.

While he is one of the most notorious "carebears" in EVE, Chribba's real celebrity springs from the multitude of services he has provided EVE Online's playerbase over the years, all completely free of charge. The most famous by far is EVE Files, a dedicated file hosting service for videos and screenshots of the game.

Corporation & Alliances[edit]

CEO and Founder of the corporation 'Otherworld Enterprises (OTHER)' as well as Founder and Executor of the 'Otherworld Empire (OTHER)' alliance. Otherworld Enterprises was founded 2004.05.30 23:55 and created Otherworld Empire on 2005.03.29 14:31.

To this day Chribba has been the sole pilot of both the corporation and alliance, rumors are the corp/alliance chat is very quiet.

The sister alliance 'Otherworld Empire Productions (OTHEP)' was founded exactly one year after Otherworld Empire on the exact timestamp (2006.03.29 14:31), and is maintained by one of Chribba's alts, Elyza.

Additional alliances; as of January 2010 the alliances 'Otherworld Empire Inventions (OTHEI)' and 'Otherworld Empire High Command (OTHEC)' was created and executed by the alts Refia and Ellone, unfortunatly due to logo submission rules their logos cannot be approved at this time.


New Eden has a tidy grip on many pilots, the same for Chribba. Having 10+ accounts and a dedicated tattoo of the game, the addiction is a fact. He can regularly be seen roaming the belts of Amarr in the hunt for the much beloved Veldspar - "It's all about the Veldspar baby!".



Community Services[edit]

  • EVE Files - A community hosting service designed to allow the community to store and upload all their EVE content.
  • EVE Search - Indexing the forum and providing additional search preferences as well as statistics of the forum users.
  • DUST Search - Indexing the forum and providing additional search preferences as well as statistics of the forum users of DUST514.
  • EVE Offline - Monitors the game servers and provides graphs over their usage.
  • EVE Agents - Agent search/filtering tool
  • EVEBoard - Character sheet and API information display
  • DUSTBoard - Character sheet and API information display for DUST514

The Veldfleet[edit]

The Veldfleet is a fleet of capital class ships owned by Chribba. Most of said ships are located within high-security space and the ships are constantly ready to hit the asteroid belts in search for Veldspar. The fleet flagship, The Veldnaught, is the most well-known of them all due to its location in Amarr (1.0). To date the fleet houses 16 ships in total. On 2009-02-07 the biggest of them all arrived - The 'Veldatar', the Avatar class Titan was a few months later, in June joined by the Erebus class Titan, notebly dubbed The 'Veldebus'.

As of March 2010 the Titan Mining Fleet was completed and all four races aquired.

As of 2012 the Supercap Mining Fleet has been fully completed with all available supercaps.

3rd Party Services[edit]

A well known provider of in-game 3rd party services based upon trust the 3rd party service has ran for a long time providing secure means for transactions of trillions ISK.

Chribba's 3rd party Service



Contact me in-game (view bio) or see for additional ways of contacting me.

Urgent contacts can reach me on my cell: +4670 511 29 08 (Sweden)

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