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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

This page describes recommendations for style and organization of pages.

Page layout and organisation[edit]

Pages containing a lot of information often rapidly become illegible or simply too cluttered, thereby making it difficult to locate specific information.

By utilizing sections along with splitting pages up using section headers, the information presented is better organized and easier to read. Additionally, these section headers provide a clear and concise summary of the contents of the page that the reader can view right at the top of the page.

If utilizing a table(s), then the table(s) should be as compact as is practical. If a table is particularly large then consider moving the table so that it is a page of its own.

Various Templates are available to serve as guides for designing or creating headers or information blocks for a variety of page types. It is always recommended and worthwhile to make use of these Templates where possible.


Pages should make use of text formatting such as bold or italic fonts where it is beneficial to draw attention to text. Italic text denotes a word or phrase that requires emphasis. Bold text denotes a word or phrase which is being used in a definitive manner. For example:

"If the fleet warps to zero at the gate, then the order will be to warp at zero. If the fleet warps to their relative optimal ranges then the order will be to warp at optimals. This distinction is important because a ship at zero may end up unable to engage the enemy at all if they are a long range ship."

If you are incorporating images then it is recommended that they should be used sparingly and, if possible, all images should be adjusted so that they use a color scheme that is complementary to the Evelopedia theme. Ideally, all diagrams and images should use the following:

  1. 08080A background with #DDDDDD foreground and #FFA500 highlighting.

Written style[edit]

Pages should be written in clear English and must be written from a neutral point of view. This is especially important when dealing with player alliance, corporation or character pages. Articles should be written as a report or news story, not as a guide or discussion. Guide pages may be written in a guide-like style.