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A coalition is a grouping of alliances and corporations allied together for a common purpose. Coalitions are common in 0.0 space where lone alliances and corporations are highly susceptible to attack from larger entities, so the "safety in numbers" methodology prevails where mainly large alliances form a coalition with smaller entities that all fight towards the same common goal.

Coalitions That Exist or Have Existed[edit]

Below is a list of the major coalitions currently in EVE (that have pages on EVElopedia).

  1. The Coalition of Free Stars
  2. The GBC
  3. The Northern Coalition
  4. The Providence Holders Coalition
  5. The Red Swarm Federation
  6. SmashKill
  7. Stainwagon
  8. The Coalition (Against BoB)
  9. Ethereal Crossing (ED/IRC)
  10. Free Cloud-Ring Coalition (FCC)
  11. New Providence NIP
  12. Deklein Coalition
  13. Clusterfuck Coalition