Cold Steel Alliance (Player alliance)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

File:Cold Steel Alliance.png
Name Cold STEEL Alliance
Ticker STEEL
Type 0.0
Founded January 1st, 2007
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO the triumvirate
Public Channel STEEL diplo
Website Cold STEEL Alliance
Executor Cold Steel Executer
Members RATS Corp
Balanced Unity
Projekt Erzengel
Vortex Syndicate
Ferox Aquila
Steek Armed Forces
Ancient Spirits

About Cold STEEL Alliance[edit]

The Cold STEEL Alliance is a German alliance residing in the Vale of the Silent region, and is a guest of the Northern Coalition.

It focuses mainly on production / mining as well as PvP. The alliance resides in 5T-KM3, which was given to STEEL for being long-term residents in the area and it's assistance regarding the general defense of Vale of the Silent.

The founding corporations were Black Templar Germany (BTG), Mortis et Excidium (METEX) and Wings of Dusk (-WOD-).

STEEL currently holds control over one outpost, which was built by Projekt Erzengel (PEEG).

As all redidends in the North, Cold Steel too supports NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot it)


STEEL is run by an elected triumvirate which currently consists of:

  • Zwerg21 (PEEG)
  • B'atou (RATSC)
  • Dany Danger (SAF)

Current Corporations[edit]

  • Cold Steel Executer (-CSE-)
  • Vortex Syndicate (-VXS-)
  • Projekt Erzengel (PEEG)
  • RATS Corp (RATSC)
  • Balanced Unity (BALA)
  • Ferox Aquila(Ferox)
  • Steel Armed Forces (SAF)
  • Ancient Spirits (ANSS)
  • Daxus-AG (DAXUS)

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