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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Note: needs review due to subsequent game changes.


Raised by: Jade Constantine
Submission Date: 10-2008
Issue ID: 0103-01-0079


The Colony


I feel that the current state of things leaves much to be desired. Once an alliance carves out a piece of space for itself, all that you can do with that space is either actively mine its belts, or passively mine the moons. Meanwhile you have to haul bulky products from empire to fuel all the towers. With this purposed idea, it will add more infrastructure to an alliance and serve to adequately manipulate its resources. It will also persuade more alliances to deploy stations and achieve Constellation Sov, (due to a colony requiring Constellation Sov) leading hopefully to a more populated 0.0

Specifics- The Colony:

A colony can only be built if it is in a system that is under Constellation Sov. A colony can only be built at a rocky planet. The only limit to the number of colonies you can have in any given system is the number of possible planets you can inhabit. This will finally take advantage of those countless planets that do nothing but provide a warp point. After a colony is in place it will either “terra form” the planet to the point where it is more “Earth like”, or it will merely take advantage of the planet resources and use some sort of Bio-dome for the colony. Each planet may very well have different resources (ala moon mining). An icy world may offer different resources than a volcanic one. A colony consists of 2 main pieces: one, an orbiting module around the planet which serves as a hub and two, a colony on the actual planet which you can see from orbit.

A colony will act as a “producer”. You supply it will required items and it gives you products

1: The Orbiting Hub

The Orbiting Hub will serve multiple purposes. You can access resources to and from the colony at the orbiting hub. You can access the hub only if you have the roles required by the alliance. You will interact with it much in the same way that you interact with a POS. You deposit items into a resource hangar that is required for the colony to continue functioning. You can also access resources that the colony produces out of another hangar.

Inputted resources: Workers, Marines, Slaves, Tourists, Livestock, Food etc. (Depending on planet)
Outputted resources: Enriched Uranium, Robotics, Coolant, Mechanical parts, Oxygen, assorted Isotopes, ore and ice. {fuel pellets if need be} (Depending on planet)

You will notice that most outputted resources are POS fuel. The benefit of this is that the required resources for a colony will be easier to import because they take up less room in a cargo hold. Then you take the outputted resources and fuel your towers. It will have to be balanced to the point so that a colony isn’t vastly overpowered compared to the current form of fueling towers, but enough to make it all worthwhile. Take the idea a stretch further and be able to upgrade a colony enough to where it is self sufficient, eliminating the need to import POS fuel all together.

As long as Constellation Sov is maintained, the Orbiting Hub will be protected by a small force field. Only the Service Module can be attacked, much like a Stations services. (see Missions). If Constellation Sov is lost, the colony will be “Vacated”; which is essentially a reinforced state. It can then be attacked/destroyed/sit there useless. If it is destroyed all resources in the Hubs hangars will be lost, the planet colony is also destroyed and the planet will slowly revert to its pre terra-formed or un-inhabited state. If Constellation Sov is regained by the alliance that deployed the colony and it had not been destroyed, then it will become active again.

2: The Planet Colony

This portion of the colony idea is purely for ascetic pleasure. You can visit the colony itself by first going to any of the stations in the Sov 4 constellation and then “ferrying” to it after making your colony selection. The “ferry” will basically be a jump from the station to the colony. You will take nothing with you to the colony and your ship will still be in the station you were at. After arriving on the planet, it will take advantage of ambulation and give EVE a more dynamic feel. Once on the planet, you can walk around and interact. I think it would be great if there were missions of some kind that take place solely on the planet but that is probably asking too much. If Constellation Sov Is lost at anytime and you are either logged out at or logged in at a Planet Colony, then you will be “evacuated” to the station you were previously at without choice.

I suppose it doesn't only have to be for ascetics. Many useful things could be done with planet interaction.

The Asteroid/Ice Colony:
An asteroid/Ice colony can only be built in a system that has one or more active colonies. The asteroid/ice colonies will be placed at a belt and harvest any of the ores/ice in the belt. The harvesting rate will not be too significant, but enough to make the whole thing worthwhile. The ore/ice from the asteroid/ice colony will be directly transferred to the Orbiting Hub of which it was designated. There will be a resource requirement for asteroid/ice colonies, such as workers, miners, etc. The resources required for an asteroid/ice colony will be added to the resource requirement of the Orbiting Hub that the asteroid/ice colony is delegated too.

An Asteroid/Ice colony can be attacked at any time:

If Constellation Sov is in effect, the asteroid/ice colony can only be put “Out Of Operation” by an attacking force. This will halt any harvesting. You can reactivate the asteroid/ice colony once you rep it back up or if it passively regains its shields. This will give any hostile gang something to do if it can’t find anyone to shoot in the area and force the alliance to defend its infrastructure.

If Constellation Sov is lost, the asteroid/ice colony will be “Vacated”. It can then be destroyed or sit there useless. If Constellation Sov is regained by the alliance that deployed the asteroid/ice colony then it will become active again. Missions

With the Planet Colony, there are a host of features. One is the mission system. There will be agents at each planet, most likely at the orbiting hub. A planet has limited resources. Say they need cattle for example. The Mission Agent will give the player a mission to go and obtain more cattle for the colony. The player can either go to a friendly planet who has cattle and trade for it, or the player could go into hostile territory and raid another planet colony for the cattle.


A player can raid a Planet Colony only if the Alliance owning the colony is either neutral or hostile to the player in question. An Orbiting Hub will have a service module, much like Stations have service modules for their refining, medical and repair bays. An enemy can come in, knock the "Supply Module" into an incapacitated mode and make off with resources that were in there. This will mean more hostile intrusion and hopefully more facets for PVP.


There are countless other ideas that you can add to this. Please critique and give any input.

All in all, the colony idea would be fairly simple and you could easily use existing code with minor editing, it is when you get into the planet ambulation where new concepts truly come in.

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