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Name Commander A9



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Education: Federal Navy Academy, Couster II
University of Caille, Trossere VII
Republic Military School, Hadaugago II
State War Academy, Uitra VI
Hedion University, Conoban VII
Affiliations: Federal Navy Academy
Federation Navy
Republic Security Services
The Scope
Sspectre Alliance
Royal Khanid Navy
Emperor Family
Amarr Navy
Khanid Trade Syndicate
Haulers Channel
Fleet Coordination Commission
The Ditanian Fleet
Sisters of EVE
Helix Incursions
The Vanguard Project/The Valhalla Project
Warp To Me Incursions
Universal Incursions
Knights of Providence Incursions/Brynja Geimskip Hopur
Open Incursion Channel
Open Force Incursions
USTZ Incursions
Ave Tenebaum
New Eden Radio
EVE Radio
Major Publications: FM 1-01 Basic Operations Manual
Flagship: Orca-class Industrial Command Ship,
UNS Mechanical Man
Mining Ships: Mackinaw-class Exhumer,
UNS Arctic Ranger II
Hulk-class Exhumer,
UNS Tiberium Future
Mission Ship: Machariel-class Battleship,
UNS Avenger
Transport Ships: Charon-class Freighter,
UNS Machines Collide
Providence-class Freighter,
UNS Cybertek Lives
Incursion Ships: Vindicator-class Battleship,
UNS Commando
Machariel-class Battleship,
UNS Ackbar III
Notable Ships: Hurricane-class Battlecruiser,
UNS Retaliation (survived Battle of Caldari Prime)


Commander A9 is an Empire citizen, an operations leader, fleet commander, and moderator/marshal for various organizations across New Eden, including The Scope, the Fleet Coordination Commission's operations center, Live Events, the Haulers Channel, and his own personal public channel, "Comrades and Ops." He is also a former fleet commander for The Ditanian Fleet armor incursion group and regularly participates in incursion operations.

He is currently enlisted in The Scope as a self-sufficient operations leader. Currently, he is actively engaged against Sansha's Nation incursions as a decorated member of the Warp To Me Incursions shield community. A graduate of multiple schools of thought from all four major empires, he continually contributes to the development and functionality of The Scope and his comrades and colleagues, and has assisted new capsuleers with their continued training and development, especially at Couster's Federal Navy Academy.

Pre-Capsuleer History[edit]

Commander A9 was raised by a loving family of teachers, who pushed him to engage in higher education while pursuing his own ambitions. His mother taught general education courses, while his father taught physical education and was a sports coach. At an early age, Commander A9 was introduced to videogames, for which he quickly gained an affinity and specialization, especially in real-time strategy games. This led to an interest in military service, which motivated him to join a national junior military organization which specialized in motivating young high school students to become better citizens. The next four years granted him an illustrious career filled with training in drill and ceremony, physical fitness, rifle marksmanship, leadership values, civil service, and military procedure.

During his schooling, a sudden terrorist attack on his home country's financial and political capitals one September morning cost the lives of thousands of innocent people and first responders, and forever changed the dynamic of life at home, both politically and militarily. His home country eventually committed itself to military action against an entity and ideology it had penned as an unforgivable enemy, as well as the states where it was thought to have strongly rooted itself. Regardless, Commander A9 graduated with honors as the highest ranking officer of his training battalion. But rather than enlist in his home country's military, he chose instead to enlist in a multinational military coalition of international states under the directive of a united international security council. Through this decision, he embraced a more worldly ideology of fighting to protect innocent people around the world rather than the citizens of merely one state.

It was then that Commander A9 was introduced firsthand to war, beyond the videogames he had played and the newsreels he had read and watched. As a young enlisted man, he was pitted against international terrorist organizations and extremist militant groups, which caught the planet by surprise with their flexibility, strength, and vast array of arms. Commander A9 responded by committing himself to defending those who could not defend themselves, serving with distinction as a versatile commando, mounted armor operative, and combat officer for several years. He would eventually become a Battalion Commander within his unit, the 101st Eagle Commandos Division, an elite group of the coalition's best troops and specialists in all manner of combat arms, engineering, and support services. He was present and in command for the destruction for several major terrorist bases, the liberation of entire countries, and the resolution of several wars, yet continued his service even as future wars expanded into the atmosphere above his own country and even neighboring planets in the solar system.

Years later, his service "planet-side" resulted in the decision from his superiors that he was a fitting choice for service at the interstellar level, to which Commander A9 was encouraged to become a capsuleer.

Certification and Education[edit]

When initially offered the chance to become a capsuleer, Commander A9 was extremely apprehensive. Despite the risks of traditional military service, the idea of becoming something which could effectively achieve immortality was appalling and believed to be impossible-that and the regular Pilot's License Extension fees appeared too steep for him to achieve on a regular basis. Nevertheless, the discovery of a friend who had himself chosen the lifestyle of a capsuleer intrigued Commander A9, and upon a conversation about life in New Eden and all that was attainable, Commander A9 became attracted to the potential of life beyond the stars. Specifically, the prospect of placing strong battleships such as the Gallente Hyperion (YC 111 variant) and the Caldari Rokh (YC 111 variant) under his command, with all of their power and capabilities at his fingertips, grabbed Commander A9's attention. Furthermore, he had been convinced that ISK was easy to acquire, and thus, affording the annual pilot license renewal fees would be relatively simplistic. His concerns resolved, Commander A9 volunteered, becoming his battalion's first capsuleer on December 22, YC 111.

Once his transformation into that of a capsuleer was complete, Commander A9 found himself in Duripant as a cadet in the Federal Navy Academy. Although an army soldier at heart, he adapted quickly, finding application for the tactics he had been taught at the capsuleer level, and quickly became a learned man who could think on his feet and adjust (eventually) to violent circumstances. Despite his hopes to learn as much as possible, his eagerness to reach for the vastness of New Eden saw him race through most of his early training, to the point that he departed from the Federal Navy Academy earlier than expected and joined his first corporation on Christmas Day, YC 111.

While in his first corporation, Ascension Unlimited, he was introduced to fleet-based operations, including mining and even wormhole exploration. However, a sudden series of war declarations shocked Commander A9 over the callousness and lack of rationale behind certain aggressive activities in New Eden's community. While he was assigned a position as a diplomat, he was prompted to resign from his first corporation after merely weeks and readmit himself into the Federal Navy Academy for proper study, this time as a new member of The Scope. His early withdrawal forgiven, he completed all courses properly and graduated as per academy tradition.

Industrialist and The Scope[edit]

While in The Scope and avoiding the threat of war, Commander A9 was able to truly embrace the universe of New Eden. Immediately, he was captivated by the beauty of the stars around him, as well as the raw power and capability of New Eden's starships, from the fastest Rifters (YC 111 variant) to the heaviest of Hyperions (YC 111 variant) to the colossal dominating prowess of the mightiest Leviathans (YC 111 variant, including doomsday weaponry as originally designed). However, he continually struggled to afford the monthly license subscriptions required of every capsuleer, until a chance donation by a friendly Scope pilot who was terminating his time as a capsuleer provided Commander A9 with the foundation to truly get his start in space.

Like most capsuleers, Commander A9's early days saw him reach great success as a miner. From the first hours of obliterating asteroids in a Navitas (YC 112 mining frigate variant), Commander A9 graduated to mining with a Thorax cruiser before transcending into a Retriever (YC 112 variant). Improvements to his mining hardware also brought about the motivation to command fleets, with the logic of leadership and warfare bonuses providing sound compensation for improved gunnery or defense on his part. In this regard, Commander A9 achieved a mastery, leading operations with dozens of pilots under his command. His record for Scope leadership saw him command a fleet of eighteen pilots over a period of eight hours on April 17, YC 112.

As mining was his first true profession in New Eden, Commander A9 developed an affinity for and expertise in the practice. While focusing more on ore acquisition rather than refining, Commander A9 dedicated himself to stockpiling vast amounts of materials and then selling them across the regional markets, all while continuing to improve upon his tactics and logistics. Specifically, to account for his lack of a transport ship, Commander A9 would seek out the best buying price for ore, then move to the system in question, stockpile, and complete the order. Ofttimes, he was referred to as a "hardcore miner" by his colleagues in The Scope, where the plight of miners was recognized and addressed. Commander A9 continually remained aware that mining groups often found themselves under attack by combat-centric capsuleers, who ignorantly dismissed miners as "carebears." His argument against such practices (by pilots who were subsequently labeled as "griefers") declared that those who committed themselves to spending hours in asteroid belts acquiring the building blocks of New Eden were invaluable to the day-to-day survivability of the universe, and thus, combat pilots were raiding mining operations with ships assembled with the very materials gathered by miners. Nevertheless, the iconic and historic rampage of JnB, who retaliated against her harassers in Lonetrek with a specially loaded Hulk (YC 109 variant) brought on the motivation for Commander A9 to continue his efforts as a miner.

Opportunities in The Scope improved his networking capabilities and his interests in the various facets of New Eden. Under the leadership of Commander Pan (self-proclaimed leader of The Scope's more active capsuleers), Commander A9 made connections with a great number of fellow colleagues who would eventually become longtime friends far beyond their tenure with The Scope. With Commander Pan leading the fleets, The Scope participated on a number of mining operations, combat mission runs, wormhole exploration parties, and even staged attacks on the Caldari Navy Leviathan, Shiigeru, in orbit over Luminaire VII. However, Commander A9 would eventually be forced to assume the mantle of leadership after participating on a wormhole operation alongside Commander Pan. Following the completion of their two-man fleet's exploration procedures, Commander A9 exited the wormhole and returned to Empire space. Commander Pan, however, never emerged. It would be the last time Commander Pan would ever be heard from.

While dismayed over the disappearance of a beloved comrade, Commander A9 would find the resolve to continue to host operations in The Scope, providing opportunities for new and veteran pilots alike until joining his first major corporation in June, YC 112. His dedication to mining and industry would bring him success and profit as a master Hulk operator and Orca commander, the latter becoming his beloved flagship.

Despite any successes in his corporate enterprises, Commander A9 would always find the need to return to The Scope to assist his fellow capsuleers whatever the endeavor.

Empire Service[edit]

Throughout his capsuleer career, Commander A9 cross-trained with various schools and organizations from all empires, even Caldari State and the Amarr Empire. From his first school at the Federal Navy Academy, Commander A9 went on to enroll in the Gallente University of Caille, the Minmatar Republic Military School, the Caldari State War Academy, and the Amarr Hedion University. His interests grew beyond simple academics, however. Enrolling in multiple universities and aligning with multiple navies (even across Empire lines) was done so as to expand his knowledge of culture, technology, history, and tactics.

Commander A9 was also actively involved with a number of associate empires and entities, including the Khanid Kingdom and Royal Khanid Navy, Emperor Family, Federation Navy, Republic Security Service, and the Sisters of EVE.

In terms of capsuleer-controlled groups, Commander A9 was active in three major corporate alliances, primarily in Gallente and Khanid space, and even wormhole space.

Active Mining Incorporated Group[edit]

Although initially enlisted in numerous smaller corporations for short amounts of time, Commander A9's first major corporation was the Active Mining Incorporated Group, headquartered in Uphene in Gallente space. Coincidentally, he had enlisted in the corporation several months after encountering the CEO over a conversation concerning pizza and starbases in February, YC 112. During his tenure (which extended the longest for capsuleer-run corporations at the time), he excelled in mining operations and rose to a position of leadership for mining fleets as the Mining Division Leader.

His rise to leadership within the corporation was swift and early in his enlistment period, of which his promotion drew criticism over his sudden installment and choice over those who had been in the organization for much longer than he. In fact, some of his fellow pilots had been enlisted in the corporation since the first day of its foundation-yet Commander A9 was chosen for the job instead in part due to his prior leadership of mining operations while in The Scope. Nevertheless, he excelled as a Mining Division Leader and would spend hours, even days, in the asteroid belts, so much to the point that he was accused of utilizing illegal software programs to acquire vast amounts of materials. Of course, no such programs were being employed, and even without them, Commander A9 still proved himself as an effective and elite miner beyond a shadow of a doubt. His talents even persevered in the wake of the loss of his first Hulk, UNS Industrial, which was destroyed by a pilot who had infiltrated the corporation and destroyed the vessel while Commander A9 was engaged in mining operations alone, but away from his helm. Coincidentally, the loss occurred merely one day after Hulkageddon II had concluded. Years later, Commander A9 would discover that the very man who had first encouraged him to join him in New Eden had been responsible for engineering the infiltration and the strike in the first place.

On June 8, YC 112, Commander A9 was part of the Tyrranis opening land rush, upon CONCORD authorizing capsuleers to establish planetary colonies. Upon this launch, Commander A9 utilized his [Hulk|Hulk]], UNS Industrial One, to launch planetary command centers across multiple planets, specifically planets in Gallente space and even Kassigainen on the Caldari Border Zone. Immediately upon their deployment, Commander A9 began stockpiling attractive materials to assemble various commodities for pure profit.

Furthermore, as an operative for the Active Mining Incorporated Group, Commander A9 was also fit to put his research talents to effective use as a blueprints researcher. At the same time, Commander A9 completed the publication of his training manual, "FM 1-01 Basic Operations Manual," in an effort to complement the training and development of new pilots in July YC 112. More books were devised and theorized, but a comparison to the quality and craftsmanship of such publications as "ISK 3.0" forced him to abandon the project. In July YC 112, a number of wars declared by pirate groups resulted in resistance fielded by the corporation, but at the cost of attracting the attention of numerous larger pirate entities which destroyed the corporation's starbase and drove many members from its ranks. Coupled with the stress accompanying the demanding time commitments of capsuleer life, these events motivated Commander A9 to take a break from the violence of New Eden and return to planetary life in August YC 112...until the allure of the interstellar lifestyle would reel him back in (albeit increased costs for Pilot's License Extensions).

Return To New Eden[edit]

On February 6, YC 113, Commander A9 would officially return the New Eden, having completed his exploratory operation through a proxy pilot for a few weeks beforehand, during which he had made contact with his last corporation's chief executive officer and declared his interest in returning to the corporation. Previously, he had been granted three free piloting days by CONCORD for merely inquiring about returning to New Eden at the turn of the year. Upon his return, he discovered that New Eden was under attack by incursions orchestrated by Sansha Kuvakei, who had mobilized Sansha's Nation with the intent of abducting planetary citizens in order to rebuild his empire. After learning about incursions and the manner in which to fight them, Commander A9 affiliated himself with the "Better Than Life" incursion community, but otherwise did not partake in any combat operations against Sansha's Nation unless ordered to do so by corporate security agents.

Secondly, Commander A9 discovered that some logistical and mechanical concerns regarding planetary colonies had shifted, and thus, he reorganized all of his colonies. The colony in Kassigainen was evacuated, in particular because Commander A9's standing with the Caldari State had become so deteriorated that he was engaged by Caldari security forces after crossing the border into Caldari State territory. All planetary colonies were then relocated to various planets in Wysalan, and designed to manufacture fuel components for starbases.

LowSec Holdings/Shards of New Eden[edit]

Upon acclimating himself to New Eden, Commander A9 discovered his previous corporation had moved to Amarr space and redesignated itself "LowSec Holdings," which was now part of a self-founded alliance named "Shards of New Eden." Specifically, the alliance had relocated to Danera, in the eastern reaches of Khanid space, where ore mining was highly profitable. On February 22, YC 113, Commander A9 "reenlisted" in the newest corporation under the leadership of his original chief executive officer, and was awarded the position of Mining Division Leader once again, followed by a promotion to full Mining Director, along with a role as a blueprints researcher.

Upon introducing himself to the local population of LowSec Holdings' newest home, Commander A9 began building a series of friendships amongst the frequent travelers of Khanid space, including amongst the leadership of neighboring corporations. As Mining Director, his ability to network resulted in his repeated shattering of personal operations attendance records, which included not only his corporation, but his neighbors as well. Furthermore, Commander A9 expanded his operational capabilities to include wormhole mining on a more frequent basis, but the loss of his chief executive officer's Orca to an attack inside a wormhole kept his paranoia high and stalled his interest in any further involvement with wormholes.

In the course of the corporation's mining operations, Commander A9 found himself making frequent trips from Danera to Jita to sell the ore and materials for corporate profit. These continued long-distance journeys with such high volume demanded that improved logistics be utilized. The answer came when Commander A9 acquired a Charon Freighter, purchased in Rens with his own ISK, and flown the entire thirty-two jump trip across multiple regions back to Danera with Commander A9 personally at the helm. This freighter was put to frequent use transporting materials, both for corporate purposes and his own mining efforts, and eventually for private courier contracts negotiated personally between Commander A9 and the parties involved.

Five months of mining operations, planetary resource acquisition, and industrial manufacturing netted Commander A9 considerable profits, to the point that he was promoted to the level of Director as the second-in-command of the corporation. This promotion came about due to a lack of activity from the chief executive officer, during which Commander A9 would assume full control over the corporation. Despite achieving financial and leadership successes, Commander A9 found himself struggling to overcome a universe-wide market downturn in ore and manufacturing. This had allegedly been triggered by the February YC 113 "Valentine's Day Massacre" during which twelve Titans were destroyed in a single battle in Uemon). This battle and its subsequent effect on the market led his alliance to abandon manufacturing prospects altogether in favor of selling refined minerals, thus turning his alliance into a waning group of "ore farmers."

Furthermore, Commander A9 grew disappointed with his circumstances when he discovered that corporate operations were being attended more so by friends of the corporation rather than enlisted members. Additionally, the establishment of a "black ops" combat-centric unit known as "GriefCo" as part of the alliance distressed Commander A9, who believed the presence of such a corporation was a detraction from the foundations of the alliance, though Commander A9 largely kept those beliefs to himself. The perception that he was in a dead-end alliance with no prospect for advancement or improvement drove Commander A9 to resign his position and return to Gallente space. Leaving all alliance assets intact (including the starbase which he had been granted access to), Commander A9 departed Khanid space with a short letter of resignation to his chief executive officer and returned home.

Attempted Assassination[edit]

On July 22, YC 113, while operating a Hulk in Caslemon, an attempt was made on Commander A9's life by his ex-CEO using a Maelstrom loaded with 1400mm Howitzers. A single volley dropped his hull index to 50% before CONCORD vessels arrived on the scene and destroyed his ex-CEO's ship, allowing Commander A9 to dock in the nearby Federal Defence Union station. Having survived the wrath of his former colleague, Commander A9 immediately relayed warnings to existing and former members of the alliance, including disgruntled ex-members, friends, and neighbors who had come to know him well in Danera. Overnight, the alliance collapsed. Dozens of members deserted, all corporate partnerships were revoked, and alliance leadership lost all credibility through attacking one of their own. Furthermore, Commander A9 achieved a small victory by recovering the very weapons used in the assassination attempt and installing them onto his own Maelstrom months later.

For several months, Commander A9 faced continued harassment in the form of threatening maneuvers, belittling, sidelong threats and false accusations against him in the presence of comrades, and bounties placed upon him by his former CEO. Despite the risks, Commander A9 joined several communications channels and gathering points run by current and former members of LowSec Holdings, some of which were plotting means of defense and retaliation against their ex-CEO who was on the warpath and continually harassing them. In the course of his interacting with former associates of LowSec Holdings, Commander A9 received word that his former CEO "would not stop hunting him until he lost something big, like his Orca." Only the destruction of his ex-CEO's starbase by a corporation of outraged former alliance members on September 1, YC 113, dissolved the animosity directed against Commander A9 and his colleagues.

Sspectre Alliance and Wormhole Space[edit]

With the hopes of continually maintaining contact with current and former members of his first major alliance, Shards of New Eden, Commander A9 was invited into multiple communications channels run by associated members and parties immediately after his departure and assassination attempt. In the hopes of continually offering his services to whoever requested his aid, Commander A9 followed a former fellow corporation pilot into a private group of his own creation, Federation Naval Supply Co.. The group specialized in wormhole operations and maintained a starbase within the vast depths of their chosen wormhole, but had very small numbers maintaining it. Encouraged by his comrades, Commander A9 enlisted within the organization on July 28, YC 113, in the hopes of gaining more experience with wormhole operations. A day later, Commander A9 lost his second Hulk to an attack by a lone Loki inside the corporation's wormhole, saving himself by ejecting his capsule and retreating to the corporation's wormhole starbase. Nevertheless, Commander A9 maintained his enlistment and replaced his losses immediately, although the low personnel count of the corporation meant he had no protection while mining inside the wormhole. In fact, there were times when Commander A9 was the only person present inside the wormhole starbase. Eventually, this affiliation engineered the circumstances which would lead Commander A9 to the Sspectre Alliance.

One evening, Commander A9 and a senior pilot from FNSC were conducting operations inside their wormhole when their scanners detected a Drake Battlecruiser entering the wormhole. Immediately, the two pilots prepared for combat, albeit Commander A9's apprehension to do so, having very little positive experience with capsuleer combat operations. Despite his preparations, Commander A9's senior leader departed early that evening before an ambush could be executed, citing fatigue. Hoping to leave the wormhole, Commander A9 began scanning for an exit, only to discover that the wormhole exits had closed, trapping him and the latest contacts inside. Despite this, he discovered an exit, which would empty him into a region of high-security space cut off from main Empire space by a number of low-security systems. Dissatisfied with this exit, Commander A9 reentered the wormhole, and in the spirit of empathy, Commander A9 dispatched a transmission into the local communications network inside the wormhole, declaring that he had discovered an exit which led to a high-security "island" area.

To his surprise, a response was returned by the pilots trapped inside the wormhole with him, declaring that they, too, had found an exit that led to Empire space. The pilots were members of Dirty Work Inc. and the Azule Dragoons, both member-corporations of the Sspectre Alliance. After joining their fleet and warping to their bookmark at 100 kilometers, Commander A9 verified that their information was correct. He was then able to warp between points and exit the wormhole successfully and safely (and then reenter the wormhole after discovering that he had forgotten to bookmark the exit).

Commander A9 was then given the prospect of having his corporation accepted into the Sspectre Alliance, which was interested in expanding its wormhole operations. As the only active member of his corporation present and awake at the time, Commander A9 relayed the invitation to his CEO, who accepted a day later, gaining the Federation Naval Supply Co. admittance into the Sspectre Alliance. However, Commander A9 remained in the corporation for only two more weeks before departing, citing his inexperience with wormhole operations and subsequent paranoia surrounding living inside one, along with limited corporate pilot attendance on wormhole activities.

Despite his departure, Commander A9 maintained contact with the Sspectre Alliance, even beyond the Federation Naval Supply Co.'s closure. In the course of maintaining contact, Commander A9 continually felt as though he was never able to properly contribute to the development of Sspectre. These concerns were alleviated when Commander A9's transport services were sought out by members of Sspectre, who required Commander A9's Charon and their own Orca to transport classified materials while under escort. During the trip, it was revealed that the cargo consisted of parts required to assembled a carrier. It was then revealed that payment would be awarded in the form of a battleship of Commander A9's choice. After negotiation (wherein it was confirmed that a Machariel was not possible), Commander A9 decided upon a Rokh, a ship through which Commander A9 had been drawn into New Eden because of its strong defensive capabilities.

To this day, Commander A9 continues to maintain contact with operatives in Sspectre, The Ghosts of Mannar (an associate group), and their allies, including that of the The Volition Cult, to which some Sspectre operatives transferred and subsequently encouraged Commander A9 to join them. Since then, Commander A9 has made contact with Volition Cult and expressed something of an interest in enlistment.

East Khanid Trading/Khanid Trade Syndicate[edit]

In September, YC 113, Commander A9 joined an alliance he had encountered in his earliest days of arriving in Danera: the East Khanid Trading corporation of the Khanid Trade Syndicate. In the eyes of Commander A9, the group was a true alliance, complete with a starbase, active mining and mission divisions, combat training, and even a personal wormhole base. In "EKT," Commander A9 earned more revenue than he could have ever envisioned (at the time), and for the first time, Commander A9 felt he had truly found a more permanent home, despite being an ethnic Gallente living and working in Khanid space.

Building upon the connections he had established while in LowSec Holdings, Commander A9 effectively reestablished the system-wide friendships that had persisted over the months during which he had been previously active in Khanid space. Attendance records at mining operations were surpassed easily and frequently. Said mining operations were efficiently utilized to supply the manufacturing divisions of the Syndicate, something which Commander A9's previous Khanid alliance did not possess. Furthermore, the demands for the Syndicate to maintain its starbases and research divisions motivated Commander A9 to pursue service to the Royal Khanid Navy, Amarr Navy, and Emperor Family, where he earned great favor amongst their leaders (despite his initial low standings which were overlooked only through continued diplomacy). His ability to execute combat missions saw him upgrade his mission-running vessels from a Hurricane to a Maelstrom, which dominated the battlefield with the immense power of its full rack of 1400mm Howitzers.

In particular, one mission Commander A9 participated on with his Maelstrom saw his mentor and a wingman support him in Vengeance Assault Ships, to which the small light craft easily outmaneuvered the opposition and crushed them in time with the Maelstrom's heavy-hitting gun barrages, despite being grossly outnumbered.

Soon afterward, in the course of his service to the Khanid Navy and other affiliated Amarr organizations, Commander A9 stepped up his mission-running fleets with an Angel Cartel Machariel-class battleship, a vessel Commander A9 had idolized his entire capsuleer life. His acquisition and enduring love for his Machariel motivated friends and colleagues (including alliance leadership) to acquire Machariels of their own and join a so-named "Machariel Club." Within EKT, Commander A9 proved himself as a combat veteran, fielding his Machariel in two corporate wars, for which he earned decorations for his participation.

Perhaps the pinnacles of said success were achieved upon the Khanid Trade Syndicate successfully "mining out" the entire system of neighboring Rahabeda several times. All-day mining operations saw the commitment of several alliance pilots and allies as the fleets claimed the asteroids of all eighteen belts. Such operations were repeated several times.

Despite what amounted to runaway success, conflict brewed amongst longtime officers of the corporation over unfulfilled promises, leading to the full resignation of Commander A9's mentor and friend in Summer YC 114. Attempts at diplomacy failed to satisfy the parties involved. Nevertheless, Commander A9 would eventually find himself promoted to positions of leadership as a Mining Operations Commander and recruiter. Fix six months, he was tasked with recruiting new alliance talent, reviewing employment applications, and interviewing candidates one-on-one before voting upon their potential enlistment. In January YC 115, in the wake of the loss of two Directors who had opted to establish a personal combat corporation to hunt down and eradicate an ex-Syndicate officer, Commander A9 was promoted to Director of Recruitment and Members Services. At the time, he was designated the fourth active Director remaining on the Syndicate command staff, which included the CEO, Director of Security, and Mining Director who were tasked with guiding the corporation into the new year.

The Kingdom Is Shattered[edit]

In January YC 115, Syndicate leadership made the decision to expand opportunities for corporate inclusion in the alliance, despite reluctance offered by Commander A9 himself. It was Commander A9's position that the Khanid Trade Syndicate would lose its autonomy and control over the activities of its membership in the event the alliance was open to otherwise independent corporations. Nevertheless, the alliance was opened.

One group scouted for potential absorption by the Khanid Trade Syndicate was Finaka Industrial Group, a group similar in operation and interests to the Khanid Trade Syndicate. Although reluctant out of concern for increased aggression directed towards the alliance, Commander A9 agreed to the plan. From the beginning, problems unfolded. An attack by two Finaka pilots on miners in Providence territory under the control of the Curatores Veritatis Alliance caused the Syndicate to be regarded with decreased standing ("Neutral" to "Bad") in the eyes of CVA. While negotiations counteracted this label and the rules of proper conduct in Providence space were enforced, an internal bank fraud scandal set up by a member of Finaka intending to destroy the alliance resulted in the loss of over $40,000,000,000 (billion) ISK from Syndicate accounts. These funds were utilized to hire mercenary bands, which declared war against the Syndicate eight times in mere weeks. The continued wars and difficulties presented by having accepted an alliance traitor into their ranks drove many members to abandon the Syndicate, East Khanid Trading, and even Finaka, including the CEO of the latter. After East Khanid Trading's Mining Director resigned, EKT's own outraged CEO (as of January YC 115) threatened to declare wars against those suspected of being responsible for the continued conflicts, which included Finaka, a former Syndicate officer and Commander A9's mentor himself, and those corporations associated with him. Tensions were further exacerbated when the EKT CEO expressed frustration at being unable to enjoy New Eden free of the turmoils of war, which led him to consider abandoning the alliance while it was still under multiple war declarations.

Dismayed over his CEO's decision to "war-dec the world," Commander A9 warned the potentially embattled parties of his CEO's intentions, thus preventing future wars from bogging down the Syndicate and driving it further towards oblivion. Such actions brought suspicion against Commander A9 from EKT's CEO and its remaining Director of Security. Nevertheless, Commander A9 continued to push for peace, believing continued conflicts would destroy the alliance, though his pleas were ultimately rejected. Even an opportunity for embracing peace offered by Commander A9's mentor (who was suspected of engineering the bank scandal and hiring mercenaries to drag the Syndicate into repeated wars in the first place) was largely rejected by the remaining leadership. For even suggesting the idea of forgiving and working with an individual penned as an alliance traitor, Commander A9's loyalty was drawn into question-this was the straw that would leave Commander A9 no choice but to resign.

Commander A9's final days in the Khanid Trade Syndicate were met with ridicule, belittling, rejection of his arguments and hopes for peace, and a general dislike and distrust directed towards him from his CEO and the Director of Security, both of whom launched personal attacks outside that of being a capsuleer against him. Sensing his presence unneeded and unwelcome, Commander A9 himself resigned on March 10, YC 115, at exactly 2301, as promised. He then returned to Gallente space and swore to operate independently under his own terms for the foreseeable future, while enduring the wrath and hatred of his former CEO all the same, who banned him from the alliance chat channel and heavily criticized his departure. Others followed, and in Commander A9's eyes, the Syndicate had collapsed.

Rebuilding From The Ground Up[edit]

Despite the chaos that had swallowed his final months in the Khanid Trade Syndicate, Commander A9 was contacted by former EKT Directors, who returned to rebuild the Syndicate. With the ex-CEO and ex-Security Director having resigned from the alliance and terminated their pilot's licenses, Commander A9's access to the alliance chat channel was restored, and his standings were returned to positive. Under the leadership of a new CEO and Directors, the alliance removed stagnant members and instituted regular operations once again. As a testament to his service and a sign of trust from the new CEO and Directors, Commander A9 was offered the chance to return to the alliance in a position of leadership. However, he declined in an effort to take a break from capsuleer alliances and pursue his interstellar endeavors on his own, although he continually maintained regular contact with the Syndicate. Despite cooler heads prevailing, there was occasional criticism over Commander A9's autobiography leveled at him by EKT leadership, specifically for its mentioning of his less reputable moments of East Khanid Trading history. Nevertheless, Commander A9 continually refused to censor himself, arguing that to censor his autobiography was to censor or gloss over his history, as he experienced it.

As a result of his departure from the Syndicate and concerns over being hunted, Commander A9's mentor-having survived the hunt against him-extended an invitation to him to work alongside him (and EKT's former Mining Director) in his mining ventures. Willing to forgive and forget, Commander A9 accepted. Their friendship continues even today.

On August 31, YC 117, Commander A9 finally departed East Khanid Trading's public communications channel over the sustained lack of activity and appearance from corporate leadership.

Continued Education and Service to New Eden[edit]

In the aftermath of Commander A9's service to capsuleer alliances, Commander A9 continually contributes to the development and functionality of The Scope and his comrades and colleagues, and assists new capsuleers with their continued training and development, especially at Couster's Federal Navy Academy. He greatly enjoys writing, studying, and learning, and is even qualified to fly capita ships such as Moros dreadnoughts, Thanatos carriers, and Rorqual capital industrial ships. These qualifications have motivated him to consider null-sec endeavors.

On March 10, YC 115, immediately following his departure from East Khanid Trading, Commander A9 converted a channel previously established by him as an alliance interview room into his personal communications channel, "Comrades and Ops." The room serves as a gathering point for friends and colleagues, as well as a hosting point for operations across multiple alliances and a host area for seminars and discussions. The room continues to remain active to this day, and has been frequented by fleet commanders, alliance officers, and members of the Council of Stellar Management.

Despite his experience and extensive knowledge, Commander A9 is always willing to learn and experiment with new technology and methodologies when the mood, economies, and timing suit him. Upon the refinement of scanning, navigation, and exploration technologies, Commander A9 readmitted himself to the Federal Navy Academy in Couster to learn the newest arts of hacking and exploration in November YC 115. He completed his training easily on November 24, YC 115, compensating for the continued evolution of New Eden, and always looked forward to his times at the practice fields.

In Fall YC 115, when the Sisters of EVE announced the potential release of new craft (which would later become known as the Astero and Stratios), Commander A9 began working closely with the Sisters of EVE division in Osmon, finding himself engaged more so against Amarr and Caldari opposition despite the proximity of the latter empire.

In early December YC 115, Commander A9 enrolled in the Amarr Empire's Hedion University to continue his education and expand his academic knowledge. Of all potential Amarr training schools, Hedion was the most preferred choice with respect to its reliance upon the sciences rather than the theocratic tracks of typical Amarr instruction. To make maximum use of his time at Hedion University, he enrolled in all available capsuleer training courses addressing the various disciplines of Amarr ship piloting. Throughout his education, he won the respect and admiration of his professors and classmates, some of whom were intrigued by his war stories of the past. After enrolling in the university's many academic, business, and combat programs and passing and even excelling through their tests and trials, Commander A9 presented himself as a model student and a fast learner. This was especially true since he utilized the same ship hulls as his fellow freshmen classmates in almost all cases in an effort to put himself more on-level with his peers and avoid gaining an unfair advantage (aside from utilizing a Mackinaw for mining purposes). Though, he was humbled by his desire to learn, and his capacity to learn from his mistakes (such as forgetting to bring the Proof of Discovery: Gas Passkey with him before attempting to access the Exploration professor's gas training site's acceleration gate). On December 16, YC 115, Commander A9 graduated with honors from Hedion University as one of the top students in his class.

Following his graduation from Hedion University, Commander A9 directed his attention to the Sisters of EVE to gain further understanding of exploration. Interested in acquiring a Stratios for exploration purposes and out of a sense of humanitarianism, Commander A9 pledged his assistance to the Sisters of EVE. He committed to working with SOE out of their base in Apanake, during which he earned great favor from SOE agents in December YC 115. Through his dedication to the Sisters of EVE (even in the face of operations pitted against Caldari and Amarr personnel), Commander A9 earned the respect of the Sisters of EVE, as well as particularly friendly contacts in Apanake and the surrounding systems, and earned four copies of a Stratios Blueprint to use in his own personal manufacturing procedures. The first Stratios (which at the time retailed for around $400,000,000 ISK) was distributed as a prize during a snowball fight he hosted in Luminaire on December 23, YC 115, while the second and third were sold on the market in Jita for significant profit. The fourth was kept and deployed as an exploration vessel.

In the summer of YC 115, on the eve of radical changes to the requirements for piloting capital ships, Commander A9 injected the skills required to pilot Moros Dreadnoughts, Thanatos Carriers, and even a Rorqual Industrial Command Ship. Though he was certified to operate the latter in the eyes of CONCORD, he was unable to operate jump drives or dreadnought "siege mode."

Elite Courier and the Haulers Channel[edit]

In November YC 114, Commander A9 was introduced to a pilot named Whitehound, who contracted him to undertake some courier contracts which required a freighter for successful delivery. Previously, Commander A9 had acquired a Charon-class freighter while in LowSec Holdings for regular deliveries of ore and minerals from Danera to Jita. Selected over all other freighters for its superior cargohold, the Charon was purchased in Rens and flown thirty-two jumps back to Danera in a single flight under manual control; the first sign of Commander A9's endurance as a freighter pilot. While initially acquired to undertake the tedious task of large-scale ore transportation duties, the freighter was occasionally employed to fulfill private transport assignments for friends and both corporate and private entities, with contracts negotiated between Commander A9 and the involved parties. Such contractors included Commander A9's former alliance, Sspectre Alliance, which personally contracted Commander A9 to transport parts for a Thanatos carrier under escort, with payment delivered in the form of a [Rokh|Rokh]] battleship (a Machariel was not accessible). The Charon would later be supplemented by a Providence for use in Amarrian space, chosen for its design and improved defenses.

Upon successful completion of the contracts on November 21, YC 114, Whitehound introduced Commander A9 to one Rita Jita, who would eventually establish the public access channel for independent and corporation transport pilots known as the "Haulers Channel."

From his first official courier contract awarded to him from Whitehound himself, Commander A9 exploded onto the hauling scene. With extensive funds to accept higher collateral worth billions of ISK, Commander A9 found himself accepting multiple contracts at once that would take him across the furthest of star systems and to the most remote regions in Empire space. His efforts would get him noticed by Rita Jita, who would eventually make him a Moderator of the channel. As a hauler, Commander A9 was willing to accept outrageous risks for excessive collateral in exchange for merely a percentage of a reward. Yet, his personal transportation system netted him hundreds of millions of ISK each time, sometimes in the course of a single weekend or even a day. To his credit, Commander A9 never failed a courier contract or lost a ship in the process of getting himself established.

The wide range of courier contracts also brought with them the benefits of visiting outrageous and amazing sectors of New Eden, including Choonka's Ship-Wash in Ashab, which then-CEO of Almost Approved Caroline Grace took upon herself to show Commander A9 the wonders of hauling personally. During the particular visit, Commander A9 was honored with observing Caroline Grace's Providence "washing the stardust" off its hull.

Once again, Commander A9's ability to network and establish strong friendships led him to founding productive and positive relationships with fellow transport pilots. Amongst these operatives included Caroline Grace, Zoe Evian, Faith Bashere, Jane Travelstar, Maya Exsequor, Thandi Uhura, and a host of other notable and amazing pilots, all of whom would become moderators of the Haulers Channel. The willingness to network and exchange intelligence on hostilities and transport routes proved to be effective and maximizing efficiency, as well as motivating philanthropy in times of difficulty.

Faced with increased aggression on the part of opportunists launching attacks against freighters in summer YC 115, some of the officers in the Haulers Channel including Maya Exsequor attempted to organize freighter protection groups. Commander A9 himself took up the task of assisting Caroline Grace with gathering intelligence on the movements and activities of illicit groups and threats, communicating within her personal intelligence channel and being awarded with moderator access rights.

Disaster and Philanthropy[edit]

Despite their effectiveness and tight bond, Commander A9 and members of the Haulers Channel were challenged and harassed by Goonswarm and other pirate entities. In November YC 114, the loss of a friend's Charon to a high-sec attack was the first of many freighter attacks launched across empire space. In particular, Goonswarm was engaging in kamikaze attacks against freighters in Uedama and Niarja and were meeting with alarming success. Specifically, the strikes claimed the freighters of two of Commander A9's closest colleagues (in one pilot's case, twice). Though the attacks gave him pause, such losses made him a more vigilant and determined transport pilot. furthermore, Commander A9 swore to reimburse his colleague for up to $1,000,000,000 should the need present itself.

On January 12, YC 115, Commander A9 responded to a distress call from Caroline Grace, whose Providence AAP Helvetica was being rammed off-alignment by Goonswarm operatives in Uedama. An attempt to create a warp position 200 kilometers off Grace's bow was fruitless, as the vessel was unable to align. In seconds, the volley of fire destroyed the freighter. Within the hour, a display of support from the Hauler's Channel, coupled with a $500,000,000 donation from Commander A9 himself brought Caroline Grace back to her feet with a replacement Providence. On January 27, YC 115, the Hauler's Channel and Caroline Grace's revenge were realized when Goonswarm suffered harrowing losses during the Battle of Asakai.

On November 2, YC 115, Commander A9 made good on his promise to help his friend reclaim his lost Charon. In doing so, Commander A9 bought a Caldari Charon-class Freighter brand-new off the market and also included his entire current stockpile of starbase fuel components in the form of a contract. The contract was accepted with a simple notation: "Don't break it this time!"

Tragedy: UNS Cybertek Destroyed[edit]

Despite his immense success as a transporter, Commander A9 was made the victim of a freighter attack himself on February 12, YC 116. After accepting two courier contracts in Jita and hoping to make a quick delivery to Amarr before going planetside for Valentine's Day weekend, Commander A9 jumped into Niarja and was immediately rammed by a Machariel, whose pilot hailed Commander A9 and attempted to extort him. Refusing to negotiate with terrorists, pay ransom, or bow down to extremists, Commander A9 refused to pay, knowing full well the consequences. A loss of signal spared Commander A9 the heartache of witnessing the destruction of his Providence, the UNS Cybertek, firsthand, although when he restored his access to New Eden, he found himself floating in his hydrostatic capsule in the middle of Niarja-no wreckage of the freighter was ever found. The only proof of the attack on his ship were the offerings of several "killmails" to be sold to the highest bidder.

In the hours after the attack, EVE-Mail notices flashed in the same manner as warning alarms in the inboxes of several of Commander A9's comrades, many of whom had placed miniscule bounties on his head as jokes or birthday presents, which had brought the total reward for his destruction up to $280,000,000. It would later be confirmed that one of the contracts Commander A9 accepted in Jita was established by a notorious pilot as a setup to lure freighters in lower-security systems to ambush and destroy them, thereby profiting off of the collateral paid upfront as insurance for sound delivery. The pilot responsible for orchestrating the attack would be identified as a notorious individual and an ex-incursion runner who was attempting to "murder his way" towards acquiring the funds to purchase a Titan-class capital ship in his frustration over CONCORD's failure to expand reward and combat mechanics for Sansha's Nation incursions, and was thus venting his rage against New Eden. For weeks afterward, Commander A9 was given pause by the sight of Machariels in such hostile systems as Uedama and Niarja, especially while piloting his heavier vessels, as he worked himself towards full recovery beyond simply replacing his ship.

The destruction of the UNS Cybertek Providence-class Freighter was the first and only ship Commander A9 lost in the course of his courier pursuits, and also marked the first and only contracts Commander A9 had failed to deliver since he began his hauling career.

Thankfully, the UNS Cybertek Providence was not his only freighter: the UNS Machines Collide Charon-class Freighter once used to ferry ore and minerals from Danera to Jita was still intact inside another one of his hangars elsewhere.

While Commander A9's losses that weekend totaled $7,000,000,000, they were not enough to deter him from any operations he was orchestrating or participating in, given that the destruction of the Pandemic Legion and Goonswarm alliances over the monumental battle at BR-5RB put everything in perspective. Later, the particular loss of a Raven Navy Issue-class Battleship would humble the entirety of the New Eden community and help realize the actual scope of Commander A9's own losses. Additionally, all of the crewmembers and Commander A9's capsule had survived the attack since the evacuation of the vessel had been ordered before the shooting started, and thus, the vessel's flag could be transferred to a new ship. In the face of such losses, Commander A9 swore to never compromise his principles, to never give in to intimidation and harassment, and likewise continued to fly with honor, purchasing additional PLEX with his own ISK to extend his pilot authorization to the end of YC 117. He would continue to earn the funding to extend his license even further as defiance against anyone daring enough to attack him and curtail his capacity to freely roam New Eden.

Furthermore, as a sign of good faith, and in return for the charity shown to her by Commander A9 when she was in his position, Caroline Grace donated $1,000,000,000 ISK to Commander A9 to help circumvent his losses. As well, Commander A9 was allowed to borrow a Providence from a fellow incursion-running comrade he had met in Ordion years before so as to move a large stockpile of ore accrued over a week. The Providence was returned as scheduled upon completion of the delivery.

In the aftermath of the attack, Commander A9's ultimate victory was realized when one of his killrights activated against the pilot who had participated in the attack was killed. Likewise, the attack fleet which was composed of nothing by alternate clones and copied bodies disbanded and terminated their pilot licenses (or sold the licenses to random pilots), and likewise the principle orchestrator of the assault seemingly vanished from the face of New Eden.


-in progress-

Live Events[edit]

On March 20, YC 115, while leading a mining operation as part of Comrades and Ops (which included Caroline Grace who was venturing into mining operations), fleet members picked up warnings of Federation Navy and Caldari State activity in Luminaire a short distance away. Scouts from the Federation Navy were executing reconnaissance operations within the Caldari Navy's holding area around the CN Shiigeru Leviathan over Luminaire VII (i.e., Caldari Prime), which had the potential to explode into an intense confrontation between the two navies. Intrigued by the unfolding events, Commander A9 aborted the mining operation and redirected the fleet to Luminaire. They arrived just in time to observe the Federation Navy's battleship fleet under the command of Admiral Auvier Bauvon holding position a few hundred kilometers off the Shiigeru's bow, while scanning Luminaire VII's surface in the course of investigating planetary conditions. Already dozens of capsuleers were racing to Luminaire to throw their support behind both the Gallente and Caldari forces as tensions heated up and communique was exchanged between the two Empire navies.

Eager to learn more of the unfolding circumstances, Commander A9 was escorted into the Live Events personally by Caroline Grace herself and introduced to one Grideris, commander of the Fleet Coordination Commission. From then on, Commander A9 took it upon himself to learn as much as he could regarding the circumstances behind what was fast becoming the catalyst to a fierce conflict in Luminaire. Within Live Events, Commander A9 met a number of notable pilots who, much like those he befriended during his time as a courier pilot, would form lasting bonds, such as those shared with Jandice Ymladris, Super General, DamnDirtyCat, Zero Vigilant, and Diana Kim.

After analyzing communications between the Federation and Caldari Navies, CONCORD, and Live Events personnel, Commander A9 notified friends and colleagues inside his "Comrades and Ops" channel, as well as DJ Tranze of New Eden Radio (whom he had met in Dodixie around the same time he had entered the Live Events channel) that a major incident was due to unfold in Luminaire in the coming days.

The Battle of Caldari Prime: The War Above Luminaire VII[edit]

The events of March 22, YC 115, which would eventually become known as the Battle of Caldari Prime began in the midday hours, although Commander A9 had taken the time to prepare the night beforehand by moving a Hurricane-class Battlecruiser dubbed "UNS Retaliation" into a Luminaire station. Immediately upon awakening, Commander A9 boarded his Hurricane and deployed from a space station inside the system. An investigation of the Leviathan revealed that the Titan's airspace perimeter was crowded with capsuleers eager to learn of the unfolding events. Caroline Grace and personnel inside the Live Events channel then contacted Commander A9, when he

-Battle of Caldari Prime -survived -destroyed titan

Live Events and the Fleet Coordination Commission[edit]

In June YC 113, Commander A9 participated in the infamous "Monoclegate" riots in Jita and Amarr as part of LowSec Holdings.

-convoy EKT hostilities shown by former security officer during isukone 45-man convoy escort run

-Grideris, Super General, Caroline Grace, moderator



Jandice Ymladris

-attended federation day, PIE, haatomo siege

-snowball fight

-debuted his legion for snowball fight, CCP visited, a resounding success!

-TDF compliments A9 on snowball fight, in march 2014

-isd reaches out to A9 for an interview on battle of caldari prime anniversary

-A9 hosts anniversary gathering

-battle of caldari prime anniversary -undocked retaliation, the very hurricane which survived the battle; it had remained docked for an entire year, enshrined


-took a break just before the first exposure to sansha's nation's reappearance from wormholes in august 2010

-upon returning in february 2011, took part in the madirmilire event, briefly, on gate, but left due to lag

first run 13-JUN-13

Ditanian, Born-Ara, falling out with friend

The Ditanian Fleet[edit]

first mom hit prompts angry response from old boss; speculation has it that the boss felt betrayed or insulted

12-aug-13, began fc training

25-OCT-13, stand

5-NOV-13, promoted to full FC

9-NOV-13, began training for assaults

4-dec-13 = awarded assault tags within which he has recently been promoted to a full Assault Fleet Commander.

for seminar on 29-dec-13, eve uni encouraged him to become a guest lecturer CCP Veritas wanted to put the video up on social medica page facebook, Meta Knife -contributes to EVE Uni by helping pilots

He is also a recent graduate with honors from the Amarr Empire's Hedion University as one of the top students in his class.

-plex for good via TDF, as part of New Eden's contribution to those in need -980 armor plates = 150M (to plex for good) = salvaged from a mothership, opposing groups got the kill and drop, but A9 got the salvage with a single salvage drone

-918 burned logic circuits = 29M (for SRF)

-first casualty; megathron, 15-JAN-14 -first incursion casualty, 15-JAN-13, consolidation, fleet staging area; navy megathron took more fire than the logis could endure, particularlt viscious sansha

-second casualty, 27-jan-14, guardian -2nd casualty, guardian, 26-JAN-14; pverwhelmed colony, logi switch, aggro switch, overheat to save a BS

-3rd casualty, 7-FEB-14; Legion, overwhelmed civilian colony...just unlucky

-save ian rodriguiez with entire assault fleet in belt, after he loses a retriever and his armaggedon is challenged by sansha reinforcements, march 2014

New Eden Open 2 Tournament[edit]

-watched NEO1, November YC 114; interested

-signed up for TDF team

-signed up for NEO2 team, TDF, january 20, 2014, yc 116 24-jan-14 = TDF made it into the silent auction for NEO2

practicing with a special unit of the Ditanian Fleet in preparation for the upcoming New Eden Open 2 Tournament scheduled for March YC 116 = neo2

-prep for NEO2, JC and load new implants, first time using years-old JCs fed navy, into Vylade -completely painless, resounding success; new implants stored in station prior to jump installed easily an succesfully -flew to rally point

-NEO2 -team unprepared; last minute -unnamed stabber -last man standing -taken down at ranges -new plan

-second match -daredevil -tackle detail -first dead; paladin lasts till 2 minutes; lost

Warp To Me[edit]