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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Hardin
Submission Date: 05-06-2008
Issue ID: 0039


After five years, the Eve back-story has accumulated numerous internal contradictions, instances of out-of-date information and loose ends. The proposal is that CCP takes appropriate action to identify and rectify them thereby enhancing the consistency of the EVE story and increasing player immersion within it.

Potential Solutions[edit]

It should be relatively straightforward for CCP to ask for players to report to them any inconsistencies within the back-story, decide upon which version has priority and then edit the non-canon part. An appeal for such information appeared on the Eve forum several years ago, but unfortunately CCP did not act upon it.

Similarly, it should be relatively simple to correct out-of-date information (such as on the timelines for the various factions) once these have been reported.

The unresolved event story-arcs might prove somewhat more problematic, as in some cases the over-riding story might actually require that they remain unresolved until some point in the future. However, in these cases the wealth of talent in the existing writing team should be more than capable of keeping things in those arcs up-to-date and lively.

Again, it might prove useful for CCP to request information on those arcs which are still unresolved – particularly in the case of those which were run by AURORA. These older arcs could then be re-integrated into the current plot. For example, some time ago a rogue Amarrian pilot was captured during an event and later escorted to another system for interrogation (see here - No more was heard about him. However, it could later be revealed that he has something to do with the cause of current events in the universe, thus both providing additional depth to the current plot and tying up an older loose end.

In order to ensure that further inconsistencies do not occur, internal review processes should be set up at CCP to compare all new prime fiction items with the existing canon.

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