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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

CONCORD Directive Omega-One-Five[edit]


This Concord directive deals directly with research and development of any and all Artificial Intelligence by any Empire, Organisation or Group. Concord explicitly outlaws any research that will create an artifical intelligence that has the capability of becoming self aware due to the extreme danger that such an entity represents as demonstrated by the first generations of Rogue Drones and the damage and death they have subsequently caused to all the inhabitants of New Eden.

Concord has enforced this directive many times in the past, usually before a project can create a sentitent entity. However there have been incidents where a Intelligence has been created by accident (as in this was not the goal of the project) and Concord has faced the responsibility of investigating the incident to discover what happened, impose sanctions if required on those who were running the project and to issue new guidelines to prevent a similar accident or act from occuring again in the future.

The Directive[edit]

The CONCORD Directive omega-one-five clearly states the accepted and in-force applicable to the Orphyx Incident. The relevant sections are reproduced here.

  • A1.1.3: Under the terms of CONCORD applied as Law in Empire Space (see directive Alpha One Two, DOCREF DIR/A12.0815), no person(s), company, organization or government including suborganizations such as described within Appendix A543 may, at any time or place, conduct themselves in research into any kind of cognitive, self-aware artificial intelligence program or entity.

Included under this heading, but not exclusive are

  • (i) Shipboard AI (ii) Station AI (iii) Drone AI (iv) Military AI.
  • A1.1.4: A full list of Prohibited Entities can be found in Appendix A232.
  • A1.1.5: Such research is prohibitively outlawed and any infractions by any such person(s) or group(s) will result in arrest, seizure of all assets belonging to said person(s)/group(s) and prosecution under Directive omega-one-five which carries a level five punishment.


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