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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: mazzilliu
  • Submission Date: 2009/06/21
  • Issue ID: TBA

Summary of the Problem[edit]

A lot of people use medium, small, and giant secure containers to carry a bit of extra stuff. hauler pilots carrying things like pos fuel and other assorted items are more or less forced to use cans to reduce the time spent doing the task. its a lot of hassle and extra clicking and using them incurs restrictions such as the inability to see its contents within the assets window, and all those other quirks you encounter with cans

giant secure containers are used very commonly by haulers and any ship with cargo above 3k capacity. their inside is 30% larger then the space they take.

medium and small cans are used by subcapital non-hauler non-barge ships and are 20% bigger on the inside then the outside

The Proposed Solution[edit]

for every ship with cargo space lower then 3k let's increase it by 20%, and for every ship/corporate hangar array with cargo space larger then 3k let's increase it by 30%. don't alter ships that cant use cans anyways such as freighters. Don't give a bonus to the "leftover" space in the cargohold that couldnt hold a can anyways.

then lets make cans the same size inside as they are outside.

so now people can use cans as proper dividers for items and other legitimate uses rather then being forced to use them as some sort of semi-exploitive, inconvenient cargo expanders. practical game play is unaffected.

List of Pros and Cons[edit]


  • no more can bullshit. right now using cargo containers to expand the cargohold is exploitive at best, but so ingrained into regular gameplay CCP is unlikely to remove it due to the wide reaching consequences.
  • if the code is re-done for cargo-expanding cans to be similar to freight containers, then it would alleviate logistical issues with freighter pilots moving many small packages belonging to other pilots. Currently freighter pilots may only divide their cargo in sizes of freight containers or use courier missions.


  • potential boost to players carrying very large items in the cargohold of subcapital haulers- but the cargohold will not be larger in practice for people carrying small items.

Some Numbers[edit]

In case you are wondering how much of a buff this is to ships like iterons and bestowers, here's some numbers I did to illustrate just how much of a buff this is. To save you reading: it's not a big help, and carrying very large items in very small ships is still not a very practical way to play anyways.

an iteron 5, with 5 expanded cargohold II's, unrigged, lv 5 skills- probably the most common sort of setup and the sort of setup we would look to to find potential exploitable situations 25270 cargohold filled with giant secures, you get 3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+1270=32470 cargo

after the buff, with a straight 30% increase you would get 32470 cargo

  • if you were carrying two cruisers with the old setup, now you can carry three
  • you can carry four instead of three large control tower. assuming you leave the fuel at home.
  • you can carry three whole capital modules instead of two
  • hauling things like 5-100M3 sized modules, POS fuel, and other things that could otherwise be fit evenly in a divided cargohold will not be affected

AND, heres the most extreme possible case i can think of to try exploiting this change: iteron 5 with expanded cargohold II's and two t2 rigs and 1 t1 rig for cargo, max skills: 41848 cargo currently

3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+3900+2848=53548 cargo divided up with cans

after buff 53548 cargo

it's pretty big, but it's still not going to overthrow the freighter for hauling really big items, and it's really not any bigger then it was before except all that unnecessary division was removed. if for some reason someone owns this and not a freighter, they can haul 5 instead of 4 capital components. or even one battleship when they could not haul any before.

the question is, how commonly does someone haul really, really big items in an iteron? the only real buff is when carrying those sorts of things, and the iteron cant even carry very many of them in the first place. if you are hauling craploads of really big items, in an iteron, then you are doing it wrong.