Contested Gallente Azure Chasm

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Complex Details
Contested Gallente Azure Chasm
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DED rating unrated
Security Highsec
Known Regions Sinq Laison
Pirate type Fon

Contested Gallente Azure Chasm[edit]


A COSMOS exploration site located in the Colelie system of the Algintal constellation.


This deadspace area contains the famous Colelie natural phenomenon, a giant canyon carved into a massive rare type of asteroid which locals refer to as the Azure Stone. Over the last decade it has attracted millions of visitors annually, not only nature lovers interested in the Azure Stone but also those galactic citizens who wish to relax in one of the massive luxury resorts built by Impetus in the tourist quarter.

A few months ago ownership of the Azure Canyon deadspace pocket was formally taken up by the Wiyrkomi Corporation, after they had paid an enormous sum of credits for it in addition to signing a deal with Federation authorities which forces them to share a large portion of their earnings and resources acquired from the region every month. However Wiyrkomi have yet to start constructing their massive power stations, as a large group of Serpentis as well as Gallente protesters have taken up residence within the Azure Canyon and refuse to leave. Federation authorities have so far ignored Wiyrkomi requests for assistance.

Notable NPC[edit]

The Tourist Resort ( Warp Gate )[edit]

Gate To The Azure Stone ( Warp Gate )[edit]

Gate requires Azure Canyon Tourist Pass.


Gate To The Ion Field[edit]


Gate To The Black Market[edit]


Gate requires Black Market Entry Keycard dropped by Daubs Louel.


Ampsin Achippon[edit]


Notable NPC[edit]

Alarus Ekire[edit]

Daubs Louel[edit]


First room: 3 frigs, 3 cruisers

The cruiser will target your drones. This is a Gallente/Caldari conflict after all

on warp to second room (the gate won't allow a Navy Megathron):

>>The once bustling tourist haven of Azure Canyon is now all but empty, except for roaming Serpentis who are busy looting anything worth taking. The great pleasure domes remain, left behind by Impetus after they had been bought out by a Caldari mega-corporation. Yet interestingly enough the wildlife within the domes still lives, and the Serpentis looters have even reported being ambushed by wild canines. As long as the power generators remain active the flora and fauna will persevere, according to biologists. <<

Second room: lots of badguys, including Alarus Ekire in a battleship.