Contested Gallente Skeleton Comet

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Complex Details
Contested Gallente Skeleton Comet
Signature Strength n/a
Type Static
DED rating unrated
Security Highsec
Known Regions Sinq Laison
Pirate type Serpentis, Rogue Drones

Contested Gallente Skeleton Comet[edit]

A multi room static complex found in .5 Gallente space. Rooms are progressively harder, but may drop better items. Full of frequently respawning rats and frequently farmed by players.


A COSMOS exploration site located in the Deltole system of the Algintal constellation.


The Skeleton Comet, a comet that was picked clean during the early stages of Federation space exploration, is one of the many landmarks in Algintal that makes the constellation known as one of the most beautiful places in the whole Federation. While not as spectacular as its more renown cousin the Canyon of Rust the Skeleton Comet still attracted tourists from all over. But in recent years the smuggling cartels operating in the constellation have made the place their own. Driven from their other pirate havens by activists or, more recently, foreign corporations, they have convened here to make the Skeleton Comet their last great bastion of smuggling activity in the constellation. Needless to say, the only tourists now visiting the place are those in search of smuggled goods or illicit affairs.

Yet the Skeleton Comet holds one little-known secret unlocked by those early miners. While drilling in a remote corner of the complex they found ancient relics and definite signs that humans had tread here before, thousands of years earlier. Only recently this startling evidence was analyzed further to corroborate what had until then only existed as rumors whispered in shady mining bars around the Federation. A fascinating story of early settlers in the world of EVE was uncovered, a nation calling itself Yan Jung.

But the intrusion of the smuggling cartels halted further arcaeological diggings, though it is said that the smugglers themselves have been poking around in the old ruins. Some say fabulous discoveries have been made, but the smugglers keep silent on the subject.

The Skeleton Comet are the skeletal remains of a comet picked clean by Gallente miners in the early days of the Federation.

The remains of the mining equipment are long since gone, used as material in the construction of the safety guardrails running through the comet to make navigation of tourist yachts easier. But the tourist activity has dwindled to almost nothing in recent years, due to the local smugglers using it as their main pirate haven in the constellation.

Entrance to the complex is done via Acceleration Gate that permits only certain types of ships to enter. Here is list of those ship classes: Frigate, Cruiser, Shuttle, Rookie ship,Assault Ship,Heavy Assault Ship,Battlecruiser,Destroyer,Command Ship, Interdictor, Cover Ops, Interceptor, Logistics, Force Recon Ship, Stealth Bomber, Electronic Attack Ship, Heavy Interdictor, Combat Recon Ship, Strategic Cruiser

Gate to Serpentis Survey Site[edit]

The Federation miners that worked the Skeleton Comet decades ago found strange ruins and relics in this part of the complex. As none of it seemed to be of any value they left it alone. Decades later it was established that these ruins belonged to a nation now long gone called Yan Jung. They settled in this part of the galaxy when the EVE gate still remained open, but are now long dead.

The Serpentis smugglers drove all the excavators working for the University of Caille out when they took over the Skeleton Comet and are now rummaging through the ruins trying to find anything of interest. The Serpentis built this survey site originally as a place for their excavators to work from, but since then it has become a full fledged spy base for the whole constellation. Here the Serpentis gather all data and intelligence they acquire throughout Araz.

From the Survey Site one can reach the ancient ruins themselves, but the Serpentis smugglers have locked up the gate leading there. Perhaps one of the Serpentis surveyors has one on him.

Gate to Ancient Ruins[edit]

These ruins, belonging to the long extinct nation called Yan Jung, are thousands of years old. Though time has made its mark on them the freezing temperature of deep space has preserved it remarkably intact. The ruins were only recently discovered and are still relatively untouched by scavengers and treasure hunters. But the local Serpentis are working hard to change all that, digging with fervor through the ruins looking for relics that can give them wealth or knowledge.

Gate to Drone Infested Corridor[edit]

There are a lot of rogue drone nests in Algintal and this is one of the biggest. The Federation built a watchtower here to protect tourists traveling between the Skeleton Comet and the Chasm. The rogue drones attacked and destroyed the watchtower several years ago, leading to the eventual evacuation of Federation forces from the complex. Serpentis smugglers moved into the vacuum and seem to be coexisting peacefully, though nervously, beside the mammoth drone hive.

Gate to Remote Corelum Safe Haven[edit]

This gate is locked and you require to clear the room to unlock, you will need to 2-3 people to clear the room, while 1-2 people wait at the gate.