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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



  • Raised by: Korvin
  • Submission Date: 2010 May 13th
  • Issue ID: tbd


1. When you have [want to buy] or [want a gift] contract, with a pile of items, like fuel or ammo, you can't complete it, even if you have this required items in your hangar. You have to split the pile, and make the smaller one with the exact number, the contract require. I guess you can consider this as an extra "anti-scam" option, but we need an option to turn this "feature" off. Imagine, that you need to give a fuel for the 300 capitals in your alliance, and you will get the scope of this problem. (txs for krechmer for pointing that out)

2. Right now there is no "Sort by contracts" option in contract system, only "Sort by page" option, and if you have more than one page, its pretty hard to sort things out, and find the best offer there.

3. Lots of my friends asked for the "Sort by distance" option, to find the closest contracts they can get.

4. Multiple items search option. For example I need to monitor the faction small energy neutralizers, but we have 4 identical items, Imperial Navy, Ammatar Navy, True Sansha and Dark Blood Small Energy Neutralizers. I have to search them 1 by 1 every time i want to check the cheapest one.


1. Make the option to accept contracts without splitting piles of items for exact numbers in the hangar.

2. Make "Sort by contracts" option available.

3. Make "Sort by distance" option.

4. Make multiple items contract search.


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