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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Coreli Corporation
Ticker CRII
Founded January 24th, 2005
CEO Joshua Foiritain
Founder Elisa Coreli
Headquarters Serpentis Prime VI - Moon 1 - Serpentis Inquest Biotech Research Center
Public Channel Coreli Core
Alliance Ineluctable.
Previous Alliances Corelum Syndicate
Corelum Syndicate
Exuro Mortis
Cyrene Initiative

The Coreli Corporation is one of the worlds leading bio-tech corporations and specializes in the research and development of neural boosters.

After being exiled from the Gallente Federation for performing illegal neural booster research we allied ourselves with the Serpentis Corporation and have spend the past few years working side by side with Serpentis forces through out the Curse and Fountain regions.

Per request of Serpentis High Command we are currently based out of the Placid region where our Guardians division assists Serpentis' Kobro Division in their military campaign throughout the region while our Pharmaceutical division manages our extensive neural booster production network.


Coreli is currently recruiting pilots for both the Guardians division as well as the Pharmaceutical division. Visit our ingame channel or website for more information about our corporation or our divisions.


Prologue (Year -48, 23.188 AD)[edit]

The history of the Coreli Corporation and the Coreli family is a long and tumultuous tale of intrigue and suspicion. The Coreli family hails from the sixth planet of the Luminaire system, better-known as Luminaire Prime. The earliest records indicate that the family had its roots in the farmers of the then-remote Uphallant region on Pyrron. The family’s influence on the region can be seen even today, in the names and surnames of many of the people in Uphallant.

The greatest member of the Coreli family, Adrian Coreli, was born in 23167 AD on Gallente Prime. Dissatisfied with eking out an existence on the family plantations, which were rapidly being encroached upon by the explosive population growth of the new Gallente Federation, Adrian dreamed of a career as a pilot. With the Coreli family forced to sell its traditional holdings due to increasing taxes and pressure to sell one of the last agricultural areas on Luminaire Prime, Adrian was free to leave home, and did so in 23186 AD, entering private piloting school on Tanet (Luminaire V).

Two years later, he faced failing grades and mounting debts. After being mugged as he walked from a tavern to a brothel, a thought struck him. Why not have one central place for rest and relaxation? After scraping together his remaining savings and obtaining funding from an unnamed Amarrian who wanted a convenient place for relaxation, he opened his first Pleasure Hub – as it was termed – in orbit around Gallente Prime in 23188 AD.

The first Pleasure Hub was an instant hit. During the early days of space exploration, stations were far more simplistic, far less self-sufficient, and acted as pure workplaces rather then fulltime habitats. If the station population wanted entertainment, they where often forced to find it planet-side. The first Pleasure Hub paid for itself in the first year. The Amarrian who fronted most of the money for the first Hub demanded his money be returned, fearing that word of his investment would reach Amarrian space, with drastic consequences for himself. The demand and subsequent payment engendered much bad blood between Adrian and the Amarrian. For the rest of his life, Adrian refused to deal with Amarrians wherever possible, and even today, the Coreli Corporation tends to avoid dealing with Amarrian corporations.

Fortunately for Adrian, finding new sponsors for additional Pleasure Hubs was easy -- there was a huge gap in the market that needed filling, and Adrian proved he was capable of doing so. Over the 25 years that followed the opening of the first Pleasure Hub, he deployed 67 additional hubs throughout Federation space, each location carefully hand-picked to maximize profits. Adrian’s enormous success prompted other corporations to follow in the footsteps of the corporation he founded to manage the Hubs – the Coreli Corporation.

After 78 years of service as Coreli’s CEO, Adrian retired, leaving the corporation to his two sons, Augustin and Thierry Coreli in 23266 AD (Year 30). Unfortunately, neither possessed the skill their father had when it came to picking suitable locations for Pleasure Hub construction. Increased competition from outside sources caused all three Hubs they founded to fail, costing Coreli millions of ISK in losses.

They didn’t give up. Instead of trying to expand the saturated Pleasure Hub market, they focused on expanding Coreli’s operations into biotechnology research and high-technology consumer products. Using the financial foundation generated by the Pleasure Hub business, Coreli made several research breakthroughs in consumer electronics and helped design and produce several advanced cloning modules.

The rise of the capsuleers (Year 107, 23.343 AD)[edit]

In the year 23343 AD (Year 107) Thierry left the corporation to his daughter Elisa (Augustin died in 23301 AD (Year 65), the victim of a groundcar accident), who took advantage of the recent development of pod-based technology, forming a capsuleer pilot division.

Even though the space-based and planet-side Coreli share the same name, they are operated as two separate corporations. Elisa Coreli was named the CEO of the planet based corporation and Joshua Foiritain was hired as the CEO of the space based corporation. Foiritain’s hiring marked the first time that a non-Coreli family individual was named to a major leadership role. Prior to his introduction, the corporation had chiefly been led by the extended family of Adrian Coreli. Due to the recent creation of capsule technology, no Coreli family member had the requisite experience in pod-piloted ships, necessitating an outside individual.

For the better part of a year, the space-based division of Coreli spent its time defending the interests of the Gallente Federation and supporting Senator Mentas Blaque’s presidential campaign. During this time, the Coreli Corporation participated in the formation of the Cyrene Initiative, an alliance formed by corporations seeking a more active role in defending the Federation. Planet-side Coreli operations flourished under the leadership of Elisa, though the capsuleer division took over as the most widely-known division of Coreli.

Cursed lands (Year 108, 23.344 AD)[edit]

During the first weeks of the year 108 an announcement shocked Galnet as Coreli announced the completion of a hostile takeover. Several Coreli directors sold the majority of their shares to the Serpentis Corporation, which had apparently been taking a strong interest in the once-loyal guardians of the Federation. Overnight, dozens of employees found their employment contracts terminated while the Cyrene Initiative woke up to find the resignation of its executor corporation.

Joshua Foiritain was named overall CEO of Coreli, while the dominance of the Coreli family in the corporation’s boardrooms was checked and reversed. Today, virtually the only vestige of the Coreli family’s influence on the corporation is the name itself. The two-division system was done away with, as the capsuleer division took over command of planet-side operations. Elisa Coreli was named vice-president of the reorganized planet-side operations under Foiritain and the capsuleer division due to her status as Coreli’s largest individual shareholder.

Shortly after the press release, Coreli relocated major operations to the Curse region, where it has resumed developing neural booster technology, first pioneered under the tenure of Thierry and Augustin Coreli. The reasons for takeover were never mentioned publicly, but it is generally believed Serpentis was interested in Coreli’s extensive Pleasure Hub network as a conduit for narcotics supply lines into Federation territory, and that some directors within Coreli had been looking for a method of advancing their booster research at a faster rate while dodging the possible legal ramifications.

In order to protect its interests in the lawless region of Curse, Coreli’s combat division has recently come to the forefront of Galnet news. The Coreli Guardians will continue to be devoted to protecting Coreli against all threats, whether they be present or possible.

Fountain of wealth (Year YC109, 23.345 AD)[edit]

The Coreli Corporation prospered during its deployment to the Curse region; Coreli ranks grew from two dozen to nearly one hundred pilots, the corporation celebrated the deployment of its first Thanatos class carrier and its pilots amassed a considerable amount of personal wealth running defensive operations for Serpentis and Angel Cartel agents in the area.

After years of research and development Coreli’s Pharmaceutical division was ready to begin commercial production of neural boosters but quickly found the resources required in the production process were not available in Curse.

As Curse could no longer support further growth the decision was made to relocate to the Phoenix constellation in the Fountain region, home of the Serpentis, to allow further growth and to begin production of neural boosters.

Coreli allied itself with the Band of Brothers alliance who owned the Fountain region and who had previously assisted Serpentis in its theft of the Molyneux, a Gallente Federation owned Solteur class titan, years earlier. After deploying into the area Coreli pilots began military operations to eradicate insurgents in the Serpentis home constellation as well as assisting agents with intercepting hostile incursions into the region.

Moving to Fountain marked the start of a golden age for Coreli; the abundance of resources allowed both the corporation and its pilots to amass a great deal of wealth, a production network for neural boosters was created which eventually grew to 14 production lines and Coreli formed a capital fleet of over 100 carriers and 20 dreadnaughts.

Coreli set up supply contracts with several major alliances in New Eden both for the distribution of boosters and to import and export various types of cytoserocin gas into and out of the Fountain region.

The long arm of the law (Year YC109, 23.345 AD)[edit]

In YC109 Coreli’s booster distribution network covered more than half of New Eden and the corporation was bigger and stronger than it had ever been. Though Coreli considered itself above the law the Gallente Federation and the Directive Enforcement Department did not share this sentiment.

Looking to set an example they struck hard and fast. Federation Police forces raided and seized every single Coreli Pleasure Hub while DED forces attacked and destroyed Coreli assets in Fountain and once the dust settled the Coreli Corporation had been completely obliterated.

A handful of high ranking employees had managed to escape and went into hiding for years while some others were never heard from again and are presumed dead. Two have disappeared completely and all records of them ever having existed have been destroyed. To this day the DED refuses to comment on their status or whereabouts.

Phoenix Risen (Year YC114, 23.350 AD)[edit]

For five years the Coreli Corporation lay dormant while its surviving high ranking employees stayed hidden in the shadows. As the universe forgot about the Coreli Corporation its former employees began plotting its return. In September of YC114 the corporation came back to life and began military operations against corporations and alliances that supported the Gallente Federation.

Today the Coreli Corporation is based out of the Curse region where it’s no doubt planning its return to glory.

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