Corp Traitors and Neutral Support (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



When a pilot attacks a corp mate of his, the attacker may get remote support from non-corporate pilots ("neutrals"), while the neutral remains untangible to the defender. Untangible means that attacking the neutral would trigger CONCORD response. In cases where the attacker is a traitor, this safety, in which the remote support remains in, is undesirable.


While no aggression is involved during "in-corp" fight currently, the system should recognize the aggression and merely suppress it (and the CONCORD response to it, of course) thanks to the corporate envelope. Any neutral, however, engaging into the fight should inherit the aggression flag just like in other fight situations, while on her part, not being secured by the corporate envelope and thus attackable by all defenders in the ongoing fight.

Docking and jump blocks will be desirable implications of this change.


  • all neutrals engaging in a fight would have to commit to it


  • during "friendly" corp fight, interacting neutrals would now become blinky, but that is a mere visual effect, not entailing hard consequences

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