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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



Especially in unknown space, a large number of bookmarks needs to shared among the pilots of a corp (or even alliance), containing the coordinates of signatures in the wormhole system. These need to be spread by putting them into the hangars where people can copy them. It is a repetitive and dull job. Some 30 to 40 bookmarks (depending on the system) are circulated each day, needed by many people.


Allow bookmarks to be stored "for the corp" (permission to do so might be attached to an existing role), which then show in a special tab of each corp member's people&places panel.

This request is certainly related to Store bookmark folders server-side. (CSM) but also to Corporation and Alliance tool overhaul (CSM). Consequently, implementation might depend on server side setting storage, which was discussed between CSM and CCP already.


  • Less objects need to be handled - at least by the players.


  • None known

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Passed 7/0