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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

This is an excerpt from The Neurotechnicon by Praxis Astra[edit]

Neurotechnicon - A Manual. Destroying EVE organizations. The Meta game of EVE. Playing EVE "against" yourself and "against" others. Infiltration. Psychological warfare. Protecting yourself and others against psych warfare.

Spies & Security[edit]

Smiling Friends Social Club and the Hearts And Minds Alliance are the most comprehensive resources for spies, psychological warfare, intelligence ops, security, corp theft and cons in the EVE universe. Welcome to the laboratory, the labrynth the smiling Tar Baby.

Corporation Security

Scams and Exploits EVElopedia article about Scams Exploits and what to do about them

So you want to use your powers for GOOD rather than EVIL.

You want to play the counter game. Draw a circle and fight to keep things "safe" inside it. Set your wolves on its edges, your moles at your chosen targets. Inside the mazes, traps, misinformation, and eyes. Ears. Whispers. Chat transcripts. Voice Comms. And always always those nagging little trifles and things that just don't make sense.

All the patterns you have to learn without even knowing you're learning them the only way you can, by watching them every day, day after day until you're one of the people who knows.

You know you are going to fail. They are going to get in. You are going to be one of the only players in your corp who can't afford to kid yourself about that. You are going to have to face up to the fact, day after day that blue doesn't mean true. You are going to have to be the one who plays EVE with these guys day after day and who doesn't trust them anyway. And you're going to have to learn to not take it personally.

And you're going to have to keep your sense of humor. Because you are bailing a leaky boat with a leaky cup. But if nobody bails the boat goes down.

And, no, we don't get a choice. Its built into the game.

If you're one of the people who wants to find out if you're OK with all that, or if you already know from experience that you are, then Security is your thing.

Checklist Before Accepting New Members Into Your Corp[edit]

  • Employment History -- Email past CEOs about the character. What are their past corps like? Are they all one man corps? Bad sign. Lots closed? Also bad.
  • Contracts Info--Whatever is currently public is worth looking at.
  • google search: eve online + Character Name The most amazing stuff comes up.
  • Have they left public info settings on their character? Certificates and the like. Awards.
  • Standings -- What's public and what's not at this point?
  • API number check -- Full API is what's called for. Don't let them sweet talk you into limited API. YOU CAN'T HURT ANYONE OR HACK THEIR ACCOUNT USING THESE NUMBERS.
  • People & Places-- Search Character name to find any similar names and see what corps they are in etc.
  • This is very very useful for info on corps and characters
  • Check their killboards for ships flown etc.
  • crime and punishment forums -- Do a search for that character's name (athough a google search should cover it)
  • Interview in EVE Audio if they claim not to have Teamspeak.
  • Audio interview

Be very wary of people who will not get into voice comms with you even for an interview. If they can't find the money for a microphone, they need to stop playing EVE and find a job. If they can't figure out how to download and use TS3 they are probably going to be a liability. The ONLY player who claims to be a PvP player who does not have working TS3 or Ventrilo or whatever is EITHER too new for anything other than a training corp OR they are a spy. Get to know these people's voices. If nothing else that prevents repeat infiltrations. You'd be amazed.

To The Watchmen of EVE[edit]

An open letter from Praxis Astra

Good evening. Gentlemen. Ladies.

Its good to see so many of you at this webcast tonight. All of you have corps and alliances to look out for; people who depend on you even if they don't know it. And this channel, while not open, can't help but compromise some of you. Let's make this brief.

You have deliberately moved in silence. I respect that silence and would never break something so valuable to us all.

But I will say, on behalf of the people you protect. Thank you. Thanks for doing what watchmen always do: tracing a circle in the dirt with the tip of your sword and putting everything on the line to keep everyone in the circle safe. You know you'll fail. Everyone who does it fails. But it has to be done.

And some of its exciting but a lot of it is tedious. You spend a lot of time watching. You watch your charges. Or you watch the watchers of your charges. You watch yourself, because you might weaken or make mistakes and that just isn't permissible. Not when their safety is at stake. You are the ones who stay alert when everyone else is mining or chatting or talking in the voice comms.

And, worst of all, the work you do can only be measured by what doesn't happen. The thefts, cons, blue kills, ambushes, and sabotage that doesn't succeed or even get started. Insult to injury, even you won't know how well you really did. Not like all the other people with ISK and killmails and stats.

You just get a feeling that this guy should be passed over for membership, and you act on it. Its like that.

They won't thank you and they don't thank you and why should they? The better you do your job the more invisible you will be. You want to be able to stand right next to two members gossiping and for them to have no memory of you being there, after all is said and done.

You are the Watchmen of EVE and the less we know we need you the more we surely do.

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