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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

What Should I Look For in an EVE Corporation?[edit]

Prospective employers often look with suspicion at corp jumpers--players who have many corps in their public employment history.

1. Active Players in YOUR time zone.

Log on during your game play time and ask around to recruiters HOW MANY players are in Corporation/Alliance chat. Normally only a fraction of the total membership will be online at any given time.

2. A Corporation/Alliance that recognizes the necessity of communication for effective teamwork.

Hint: If they do not have a voice server its probably a good idea to look elsewhere.

What percentage of the membership actually participates in the voice comms? Ask the recruiter if there are regularly scheduled ops in the calendar, and/or corp wide EVE Mail, how many players are in the corp chat Channels a clear chain of command, plenty of members in fleet, Rules and Regs in the bulletins, etc.

3. A Corporation/Alliance that does what you want to do in-game.

No use joining a pvp corp if you want to play an industrial or PvE character. Which of the three main areas of the game does the corporation/alliance focus on: pvp, industry, cloak and dagger, and to what degree?

4. Does the Corporation/Alliance operate where you do.

Moving your stuff is a pain ... if you have to move ... do they have the logistics to help you? New players are often better off just selling most of their stuff rather than moving it.

5. A Corporation/Alliance that has your range of expertise in-game.

IE. you dont want to join a noob corp if you've been in game a few years ... UNLESS you want to help them learn the game. Ask ahead of time about the ages, skills, and interests of the most active players.

6. Are they clear about what you give and what you get? Is the corp tax always the same? Are there alliance fees? Mandatory Ops? Ship Replacement?

What is the cash flow situation of this corporation? PLEX? Industry? Mission Running? Ransoms? Is the CEO and the Directors funding it? Is it funded through ingame activities? What are your obligations and your benefits?

7. Does the Corporation/Alliance treat this as a game -or- a second job.

Find out if the corp is open to both hardcore and casual players. It should say in their recruitment ad. Ask any members and the recruiter. How many hours a week playing time do they mean when they say hardcore?

8. Does the Corporation/Alliance have a Goal and a Plan to meet that Goal?

Almost always overlooked. Any game requires you have a plan to get anywhere. All the more so with EVE Online.

9. How good is their Corporation Security

What steps do they take to keep their members safe from scammers, spies, thieves? Your own interview and intake process should give you something of an idea.

10. The little things....

How many players are there? (The average number of accounts per EVE player is 2.) How long has it been around? What about enemies and allies? Is it at war with anyone at the moment? See below for a more in depth guide to researching a corporation before you join.

More Detailed Guide To Researching Corps[edit]

Guide To Well Run EVE Corps and Alliances[edit]