Cosmos faction ship offers

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

When your faction standing has risen high enough with the NPC Faction, they have offers for 2-run ship BPCs. Your skills count towards the standing.

  • Faction Frigate BPC: 30 Silver tags, 8.5 Faction Standing
  • Faction Cruiser BPC: 30 Gold tags, 9.2 Faction Standing
  • Faction Battleship BPC: 30 Diamond tags, 9.9 Faction Standing.

Amarr Empire[edit]

Jakri System at Garisas gate

Angel Cartel[edit]

Jorund System

Caldari State[edit]

Otitoh system at Friggi gate

Gallente Federation[edit]

Jolia system at Augnais gate

Guristas Pirates[edit]

N-Q5PW system

Minmatar Republic[edit]

Barkrik system at Hjoramold gate

Sansha's Nation[edit]

0Y1-M7 system


MN5N-X system

The Blood Raider Covenant[edit]

KFIE-Z system