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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Dierdra Vaal
  • Submission Date: 25 July 2010
  • Issue ID: tbd


The improvement to courier contract size, and the ability to deliver a courier contract by rightclicking on the courier package were great additions in Dominion, and have done both the setup of courier contracts, and the completion of courier contracts to a much more enjoyable task.

There are however many other improvements that could be made to the courier contract interface to make it even more useful, for both the issuer and the contractor. These changes would also improve the courier profession in Eve.


When setting up courier contracts:

  • It is difficult for the issuer of a contract to see how much m3 he has added to the contract, until the contract is nearly finished. Some kind of counter for the m3 would be useful. A size column in addition to the quantity column that already exists would be an easy fix, although a sum of the total volume would be much better (both would be best)
  • add a warning when someone enters an assembled ship into a courier contract, that the insurance will be void (currently, warnings are only given on exchange and auction contracts). Better yet, make the insurance resume when the ship is back at its owner again, as long as the contract is not failed.

When searching for courier contracts it would be useful with more courier contract friendly filters:

  • filter on route security (max and min security rating for systems along the route)
  • filter on collateral
  • filter on reward
  • filter on trip length (number of jumps)
  • filter on distance to pickup system
  • filter on volume (max and min volume)

Better sorting options (related to filters):

  • sort on collateral
  • sort on reward
  • sort on jumps to pickup

After accepting a contract:

  • add a "show contract" to the menu when right-clicking on a courier package
  • move deliver contract away from repackage and break contract from the righ-click menu on a courier package in a station

Corporate courier contracts:

  • add a role for accepting courier contracts issued to a corporation
  • make it possible for contract managers to see who in a corporation has accepted a courier contract issued to the corporation
  • make sorting of contracts better. Currently it is impossible to sort courier contracts properly after completed date or time left for outstanding contracts. When you have more than 100 contracts outstanding to your corporation, and you sort on time left, the oldest contracts appear on page 2, not page 1 as you would expect.

Last, but not least: Give us a contract API, for personal, corporate and alliance contracts, as well as an option to export particular contract details in an easy way to our computer for further parsing.


  • (Courier) contracts become easier to use


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Passed 9/0