Covert cynosural fields in high security space (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Dierdra Vaal
  • Submission Date: 05 July 2009
  • Issue ID: tbd


Recently covert cyno fields were changed to bypass cynosural jammers. This allows covert cynosural fields to be deployed in cyno jammed space. Additionally, covert cynos do not show up system wide on the overview like regular cynos do. As their name implies, they are covert. However, even though covert cynos do not allow capital ships to jump through them, covert cynos are still banned from high security space.

Suggestion to CCP[edit]

Allow covert cynosural fields to be deployed in high security space. In combination with a black ops battleship and its covert portal generator it would open exciting new strategic options in high sec warfare. High sec warfare is generally plagued by extensive use of alt (neutral) scouts. This makes it very difficult to set a succesful trap for a competent enemy. Being able to station an assault fleet of force recons and stealthbombers several systems away greatly increases to ability to set traps. This should also make black ops battleships more popular.

As empires are still not happy about covert cynos (but unable to stop them), it would seem logical that existing faction navy (but not concord) ships would open fire on ships that generate a covert cyno field on their grid. This should deterr traps set on gates and stations (if station guns would react too), as well as make sense from a roleplay perspective.

It was mentioned that using covert portals, traders could quickly travel great distances in blockade runners. While this is true, I do not think it will be a major downside. Blackops ships are expensive and skill intensive, not to mention you'd need a covert cyno at your destination.

At max skills you could do Amarr-Oursulaert in 2 jumps, and most other popular hubs in 3 jumps (requiring 2 or 3 covert cyno characters for a one way route, or 3 or 4 for a two way route). Amarr-Jita is 20ly and would require 5 jumps. Keep in mind this is with Jump Drive Calibration 5 (a 35-38 day skill), JDC4 or lower adds at least one extra jump to everything. The amount of effort and trained alts required is one of the reasons I think this will not be widely (ab)used by traders. Additionally, with all the effort involve one may as well fly an alt freigher and move much bigger quantities of goods with less effort.

Perhaps disallowing blockade runners from using portals leading into high sec is an option that also could be looked at. This would completely prevent high sec covert cynos from being exploited for trading, although it does not seem a logical restriction from a roleplay point of view.

Eldaris Ix > As a solution to the trading issue, and to generally keep Black Ops uses more limited in highsec, what about a highsec limit/reduction to Black Ops jump range? It could be done with a percentage, or simply a ceiling.


  • Gives a bit more use to the blackops. It has received a few boosts already but it remains highly impopular.
  • Increases the amount of tactics in high sec warfare (as this is already possible in low sec and 0.0).
  • Covert cynos already ignore cyno jammers, and cannot be easily detected (dont show up system wide on overview). So what is preventing pilots from using covert cynos in high sec empire space? (roleplay reason)


  • Easier to get contraband (combat boosters) into high sec - this is good or bad depending on whether or not you'd want combat boosters to become more popular.


  • Could make hauling trading easier (unlikely)
  • Slightly easier for outlaws to enter high sec
  • Should the blackops jump range be increased in the future, this mechanic should be evaluated to prevent it impacting trading.

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