Crane needs powergrid increase (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Dierdra Vaal
Submission Date: 28-05-2008
Issue ID: 0046


When examining the 4 different blockade runners, it quickly becomes apparent that the Crane – the Caldari blockade runner – does not measure up to the other ships in its class. Blockade runners are transport ships designed to be fast, breaking through enemy blockades (hence the name) with their cargo. As such, speed is important for the proper operation of these ships. Both the time they take to align, as the speed they can achieve in sub-warp when they need to escape enemy warp disruption bubbles. Critical modules on blockade runners are modules that allow the ship to enter warp faster (nanofiber internal structure, inertia stabilizers) en modules that allow the ship to achieve greater sub-warp speeds (micro warpdrive).

From all the blockade runners, the Crane is the slowest and heaviest of the four. It only has two low slots, allowing only limited upgrades (nanofiber internal structure and inertia stabilizers). In addition, it has the least amount of powergrid of all the ships. So little in fact, that even with the highest possible skills, all of the powergrid is used when a tech 1 micro warpdrive is fitted to the ship, leaving no room for shield hardeners or cloaking devices. This can be remedied by fitting a powergrid upgrade module in one of the low slots, but that means the ship only has one low slot remaining for speed modules. Because of this it becomes significantly slower than the other blockade runners.

  • Crane - Base grid 120 (150 with Eng 5) - 2 lows
  • Prowler - base grid 130 (162.5)- 2 lows
  • Viator - base grid 135 (168.75) - 3 lows
  • Prorator - base 150 grid (187.5), 4 lows

Which means every Blockade Runner except the crane, can fill their slots with 'low powergrid' modules (e.g. hardeners, cap mods, speed mods) and fit a T1 MWD. Viator and Prorator can fit a 10mn MWD II and still do the same. Because all three non-Caldari ships are faster and easier to fit properly, pilots have no reason to use the Crane – forcing this ship into obsoletion.

The Crane's the slowest and heaviest blockade runner, with the least lowslots already. It doesn't really need the additional handicap of having to use a PDS II to fit 3 shield hardners (or heaven forbid, a PDS II and an RCU to squeeze a MWD II on there, and fill the mids).

4 Powergrid would make all the difference to this ship. 16 Would be even better, because that allows the pilot to fit a MWD II, 3 hardeners and a cloak. The Viator and Prorator can both fit a MWD II, Cloak, and fill their mids with '1 grid' mods.

Potential Solutions[edit]

Add more powergrid
Add 4 to 16 base powergrid to the Crane. Although it will still be a tight fit, it will be made possible to fit a micro warpdrive. It will still be the slowest of the blockade runners, but the difference with the other ships will be much reduced, making the Crane a viable choice for blockade runners again.

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