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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Boot Camp for Rookie Pilots™ by Rookie Info[edit]

Especially after each new release, please email me, Rookie Info, in-game about any corrections, improvements, or other edits which I should make to this page.

If you recently stepped out from the clone vat, this is the place for you! Please walk right on up!


Help at your fingertips[edit]

  • F12 and right click are your friends!
  • To link text in game: type, highlight, then right-click. For example: Salvager I
  • To learn more about an item in game, right click on it or its link and then select Show Info. At the bottom of the Variations tab sheet, there is a Compare button which shows a chart of up to 10 different attributes for related items.
  • Check the Market before you buy or sell.

Asking for help in system[edit]

There are thousands of systems in EVE, and many different ways in which you might want assistance. To get the best response, you will need to ask for help in such a way that others can determine how to actually help you.
  • Having trouble with a mission? Ask for "Help in System Name with Mission Name" or with a link to its Mission Report.
  • Want to team up for stuff? Offer to fleet, salvage, or duel "in System Name"


  • Use Warp to within 0 m instead of autopilot. Autopilot drops you 15 km away from the next jump gate. Plenty of time to turn your ship into scrapmetal and then steal any modules, ammo, drones, and cargo which survived while you sit stunned in your capsule awaiting certain death and anticipating the taste of fresh clone vat goo.
  • Only mine in 0.7 to 0.5 security systems using anchored secured containers.
  • If someone targets you or steals from you DO NOT ATTACK.
  • Plan your escape to survive for the next battle: Align towards your dock or rally point so that you can instantly warp away.
  • Use Weapon Grouping to maximize volley/alpha strike damage.
  • When running a mission, bookmark something in each room to return there for looting and salvaging after the mission is completed.


Training Queue[edit]

As of the Apocrypha release, all avatars can use the training queue to manage skill training up to next 24 hours out. The last skill queued to train may extend the total queued time in excess of 24 hours.
  • Many skills will require more than 24 hours of training time to learn. By partially training those down to under 24 hours of remaining training time, you can later queue two long skills when you will be away for some days.

Manage your Attributes[edit]

  • Managing attributes will help your avatar to train skills faster. On average, avatars start out with 7 or 8 points in each attribute. As of the Apocrypha release, new avatars have two free neural remaps. Use your first neural remap for maximizing Memory and Intelligence attribute points.
Why? Attributes underlie how fast your avatar learns or trains in a particular skill. Effective values of each skill's primary and secondary attributes determine the learning speed for your avatar.
  • Use Cybernetic implants
  • As soon as you can, obtain and plug in Basic or Standard attribute enhancer implants -- at least for memory and then intelligence.
  • Obtain and plug in attribute enhancer implants for each of the other attributes.

Beyond Learnings[edit]

Looking ahead to an end goal can help you plan out your overall skill training. EVE Mon can help you with the specifics. It is a good idea to ask about what it takes to do something later on, like mine Mercoxit. For example:
  • Pick the biggest ship you want to fly, then train for its prerequisite and support skills.
  • Pick the NPC corp with LP Store items or R&D agents you want and convenient stations before you run missions:
    • 0% Take for refining and reprocessing is at 6.67 Standing.
    • Jump clones from NPC stations are available at 8.0 Standing.
  • Research your profession of interest and train its skills.

Support skills[edit]

Ships and modules have core skills (prerequistes). Often overlooked, support skills have wonderful benefits!

Some skills or groups of skills trained up to a certain level unlock other skills. EVE Mon is a good planning tool. To use it well, plan backwards: pick a goal like "I want to pilot a Hulk!", and then use EVE Mon to help you get there.


Drones are awesome at taking on frigates and destroyers and Heavy or Sentries can take down all sizes of ship effectively.
  • Drones
    • Skill at remote controlling drones. Can operate 1 drone per skill level.
  • Drone Navigation
    • Skill at controlling drones at high speeds. 5% increase in drone MicroWarpdrive speed per level.
  • Combat Drone Operation
    • Skill at controlling scout drones. 5% Bonus to drone damage of light and medium drones per level.
  • Scout Drone Operation
    • Skill at controlling scout combat drones. Bonus: drone control range increased by 5000 meters per skill level.
  • Drone Interfacing
    • 20% bonus to drone damage, drone mining yield per level.
  • Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing
    • + 3 kmcontrol drone range per level.




  • Salvaging
    • You can wrestle bits from wrecks which are used for making ship rigs. You can hoard those or sell them for ISKs!
  • Repair Systems
    • 5% reduction in repair systems duration per skill level.
  • Hull Upgrades
    • 5% bonus to armor hit points per skill level.


  • Motion Prediction
    • 5% bonus per skill level to weapon turret tracking speeds.
  • Weapon Upgrades
    • 5% reduction per skill level in the CPU needs of weapon turrets, launchers and smartbombs.
  • Trajectory Analysis
    • 5% bonus per skill level to weapon turret accuracy falloff.
  • Sharpshooter
    • 5% bonus to weapon turret optimal range per skill level.
  • Controlled Bursts
    • 5% reduction in capacitor need of weapon turrets per skill level.
  • Advanced Weapon Upgrades
    • Reduces the powergrid needs of weapon turrets and launchers by 2% per skill level.
  • Surgical Strike
    • 3% bonus per skill level to the damage of all weapon turrets.
  • Rapid Firing
    • 4% bonus per skill level to weapon turret rate of fire.

Missile Launcher Operation[edit]




  • Before entering warp, the ship must first align to the desination and then reach 75% of maximum velocity.
  • To instawarp, align towards a destination before you want to warp.
  • It is worth repeating: Use Warp to within 0 m instead of autopilot. Autopilot drops you 15 km away from the next jump gate. Plenty of time to turn your ship into scrapmetal.


  • Click the A button on the left side of the Navigation display to activate Autopilot.
  • The system security status for each system in the route is indicated by a colored dot to the left beside each system name. Red and orange are low security (PvP).


  • The guide to Bookmarks and the advanced guide to Safe Spot Bookmarking cover how to make and use bookmarks.
  • To organize bookmarks within the People and Places interface, click on the Create Folder button on the bottom of the Places tabsheet. Then, right-click on the new folder name and select Open Group Window, Select any number of bookmarks and then click and drag the mouse pointer onto the Group Window's folder name, then release. That set of bookmarks will then move into that folder.

Using the Overview[edit]

Looking at the Overview and getting into its settings[edit]

The basic Overview scanner display
To get into its settings, move the mouse to the upper left corner over the right-pointing triangle and then click on Open Overview Settings

Overview Filters[edit]

  • Filters determine which objects (rows) appear in the Overview scanner display. To make an empty filter, uncheck all the filter checkboxes, or deselect all filters.
Deselect all filters for Overview using the button on the bottom of the Filters tabsheet:
  • This is what an Overview display looks like when nothing matches the selected filters, or when no filters are selected. It returns no rows, and clearly shows in big letters, "Nothing Found":
Overiew display for Deselect All Filters option and for Nothing found
  • A specific set of filters can be saved with an especial name for that set.
Saving an Overview type selection (mining)
  • An Overview scanner display can use a saved set of filters. The name of that set appears in parenthesis beside the word Overview:
Example of Overview scanner display using the saved Mining Overview Preset

Overview Tabs[edit]

  • The Overview scanner accommodates up to five (5) tabs. Each tab can use a different saved Overview Filter.
Apply multiple saved Overview Presets to Overview scanner tabs

Overview Columns[edit]

  • Options checked and sorted in the Columns tabsheet determine what information is shown about objects that appear in the Overview scanner display.
It is possible to uncheck all columns
  • If all columns are unchecked, then no information will be shown about objects with appear in the Overview scanner display.
Note that objects do appear, but as blank rows
  • To enable an Overview column, click on its checkbox and ensure that the checkbox is checked.
Selecting an Overview column (Tag)
  • To move that Overview column to the left in the Overview scanner display, click the Move Up button on the bottom of the Columns tabsheet. To move that Overview column to the right in the Overview scanner display, click the Move Down button on the bottom of the Columns tabsheet.
Moving the Overview column (Tag) to the top of the list -- to the left-most position in the Overview scanner display
Example Overview scanner display using a saved Combat Overview Preset with the Tag column as the top column or left-most position in the display

Exporting Overview settings[edit]

  • Overview settings can be exported as XML files and imported. This ability can be useful for configuring an EVE client on a new computer, or for sharing the Overview settings within a player corporation.
Export option for Overview settings
Window for exporting Overview settings
File location confirmation for Overview export

A short description of the the Overview XML can be found here.


Please email me, Rookie Info, in-game about any stale links, hacked sites, or malicious or infected downloaded files. Remember to use scan all downloaded files for malicious payload.


  • EVE API info about how to use EVE API keys. The basic API keys and character number provide helper programs access to your avatar's skill and asset data
  • EVEHQ is a useful bit of software for skill planning, asset, trade and POS mangement as well as ship fitting planners and other useful information.

New Player Guides[edit]



Wormholes are better suited for avatars with at least three months of specialized skill training. Research well before attempting your first wormhole. Always bookmark each side of the wormhole or fit a scan probe launcher.
Fly safe, and good luck!



  • EVE Fitting Tool will help you figure which modules you can use, and which loadouts are most effective for you at your current skill levels. You can import/export loadouts between EFT and EVE.
  • Battle Clinic Loadouts is a repository with ranked loadouts for various ships. Be sure to import these into EVE Fitting Tool to customize them for your skill levels.




  • EVE Mon is the skill training planning tool which everyone tells you to use.