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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: mazzilliu
  • Submission Date: Sunday october 18th 16:00
  • Issue ID: tbd


This is just a compiled list of player suggestions to improve the Alliance Tournament the next time around


  • The visuals of the Alliance Tournament need to be improved- it is pretty clear the commentators are watching something entirely different from what the viewers are watching. Right now the tournament visuals can be summed up in the one phrase "pretty ships shooting each other". perhaps the viewers should be seeing the same feed the commentators are watching, and maybe the commentators should be given the ability to draw on the screen, like they do in football games. anyways, more tactical information would be an improvement, especially now that it can be shown in HD and people can read it.
  • Next time around, players should be given the option to concede and get to keep the ships they still have left. This is simply to improve the entertainment value of the tournament as a lone unkillable frigate running around stops being funny after the first few times.
  • perhaps replace all that time spent displaying some stock footage during the break times with some ads or something. it would not drive viewers away, ccp can make better use of the unused time, and the tournament organizers have a bigger budget to work with.
  • the red and blue bars above the teams were often times not on, i dont really understand why.
  • an idea that was suggested to improve spatial awareness in matches: add structures around the arena, for example a planet or maybe even large collidable objects to mark off the boundaries of the arena for the benefit of the viewers.
  • there are a lot of complaints about the AT7 entry process for alliances.
  • there are also a few complaints about he quality of comment coming from some of the commentators
  • During the CSM meeting, the idea of player made ads appearing during the tournament(as well as RL ads for money mentioned above) was raised. I'm adding it here. the ISK can be thrown into the pot for prize money or something.


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