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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

File:Cva logo.png
Name Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Ticker CVA
Type Roleplay
Founded November 30th, 2004
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Equinox Daedalus
Diplomat(s) CVA-Diplo
Public Channel #CVA-Diplo
Executor The Legion of Spoon
Members A-Clinic
Gemini Talon
The Black Swarm
Black Watch Guard
Virtus Crusade
The Repository
Ember Inc.
Providence Planeteers
Imperial Dreams
Deep Space Supplies
Corp 54
5th Burwell Airborne Division
Pentag Blade
Aquilla Cohors Praetoria
Cohorts Vigilum
Kiith Paktu
Polaris Project
The Ostrogoths
Amarrian Micro DevicesCatalina Operations and Logistics Division
Callide Vulpis
Intergalactic Crossing

The Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA), is an alliance based in Providence and lower Domain. The alliance is loyal to the Amarr Empire, with their mission to provide security to the area of Domain that the Amarr Navy and CONCORD cannot, as well as extending the Empire into unlawful space. The current executor of CVA is Equinox Daedalus of The Legion of Spoon.



CVA was one of the first alliances founded by pod pilots as a meeting point for Amarr corporations interested in the defense of the Holy Amarr Empire from the incursions of terrorists and pirates. Founded by PIE Inc. as an Amarrian only Alliance, it originally consisted of just PIE Inc. and Imperial Dreams. During its foundation period, CVA's main focus was against leading Minmatar terrorist organizations such as Oracle and Freelance Unlimited. In addition to fighting terrorists CVA took a very strong anti-pirate stance and was heavily involved in cleaning up Sarum Prime which use to be a low security system.

Operation Deliverance[edit]

In 106EST (2004) CVA launched Operation Deliverance. Under the auspices of 'Operation Deliverance', CVA and its allies stepped up anti-pirate activities in the southern regions of the Amarr Empire bordering the Providence region and neighboring 0.0 systems in Providence. Historically these areas (including Kheram, Gemodi, Mamet, Misaba and R3-K7K) had been dominated by piratical corporations such as The Priory, Hooligans of War, Freeks, and The Short Bus Squad. From late 106 EST to late 107 EST, CVA succeeded in bringing 'relative' peace to the Deliverance corridor and forcing resident pirates out of the area although its authority was challenged by sporadic piratical invasions, primarily raids by The Priory and a full scale invasion of Kheram by The Short Bus Squad.

New Enemies/Old Enemies, New Blood/Old Blood[edit]

October 107 EST (2005) saw a major invasion of CVA space by The Short Bus Squad and their allies in the newly formed TSDS (The Sudden Death Squad) alliance. Around the same time, the founding corporation of CVA, PIE Inc., began suffering from internal difficulties which combined with the invasion stretched CVA combat capabilities to the limit. This was relieved to a point by the addition of the Auctorian Syndicate corporation to the alliance. Eventually, PIE Inc. decided to withdraw from CVA with the intentions of focusing specifically on empire conflict with the Minmatar terrorists. By November 107 EST, the TSDS invasion had been completely devastated and relative peace returned to CVA areas of operations.

Also this time period saw the leading Minmatar terrorist alliance, Ushra'Khan, relocate to Providence and quickly became the most dangerous threat to the CVA. War with Ushra'Khan was quickly established as the Minmatar alliance moved into a neighboring part of 0.0 in Providence, bringing a new dimension to the traditional Amarr versus Minmatar conflict.

New Allies, Great Accomplishments, and Cold War[edit]

Early 108 EST (2006) was relatively peaceful for CVA. With the purging of resident pirates from the Deliverance corridor, many peace abiding corporations and alliances moved into the area. The most notable of them, Huzzah Federation, and later Novus Ordos Seclorum (NOS), also moved into empty systems in Providence and become good friends and allies of CVA. It was also during this time that the major corporations Blood and Honor and The Legion of Spoon joined. They were followed later in the year by IONSTAR, a long-standing Amarrian loyalist corporation. CVA's first outpost, the Inflatable House, was constructed in the X-R3NM system.

As CVA increased its grip on the area, they continued to conduct skirmish and raids against Ushra'Khan. It was also during this time that an issue arose with the Interstellar Starbase Syndicate. ISS intended to construct an outpost within a system controlled by CVA. After much sabre-rattling, ISS was convinced to construct their outpost elsewhere - Part of the settlement involved the CVA paying 1446 PAX Amarria in the negotiation settlement; 1 for every alliance member in the ISS.

The Second TSDS War, Amarrian Civil War, and the Mercenary Incursions[edit]

In mid-108 EST, CVA once again found itself at war with the TSDS alliance, which had moved back to Kheram. An official war was declared and the 'Second TSDS War' ended with the withdrawal of TSDS forces from Kheram.

A further period of relative calm followed before CVA became embroiled in an Amarr versus Amarr conflict between the loyalist Aegis Militia alliance and the Versium Family alliance. CVA (and PIE Inc.) intervened on the side of Aegis Militia, much to the annoyance of Versium Family backers.

By August 108 EST, Verisum Family had organized a loose coalition of past CVA enemies TSDS, The Priory, Blood Inquisition and mercenary units Omniscient Order and KIA Corp to attack CVA. This ragtag coalition was mercilessly stamped out after a few brutal hour long conventional fleet battles in the Kheram-to-Mamet pipe line just as its predecessors. However mercenaries such as SAS, Chaos Incarnate (CI) and other factions were continually hired by other entities to fight CVA but most either lost funding or interest in the area and CVA prevailed.

Also during this time CVA's second outpost was set up in the system of ZT-LPU, expanding their claims to the borders of NOS.

The Siege of Ushra'Khan[edit]

By 109 EST (2007) CVA felt confident with their current condition and began planing of the continued reclaiming of Providence for the Amarr Empire. The initial attack was the system of 8P9-BM, followed quickly by the siege of Ushra'Khan's station system, QR-K85.

The Siege of QR, which lasted roughly a week started with the reinforcing of Ushra'Khan towers in QR and the placement of a matching number of towers to combat claim. Ushra'Khan managed to successfully defend one tower with the help of allies, resulting in substantially losses for the time to CVA's capital fleet. However the losses failed to slow the onslaught of CVA forces who continued their efforts and successfully captured the system.

The 2nd siege of 9UY4-H (The first siege being a conflict between Ushra'Khan and The Establishment) was initiated two months later and took significantly longer than the Siege of QR. Ushra'Khan brought many allies in preparation for the attack and enlisted mercenaries such as Ev0ke and Chaos Incarnate (CI). With Ev0ke and CI capital ship and Sniper support, CVA adopted a new strategy to take 9UY.

CVA initially placed a handful of staging POS's in the system, establishing a foothold to base from, than in one night, they placed enough control towers in system to gain Sovereignty for a day. During the day that Ushra'Khan lost sovereignty, CVA stormed the outpost and destroyed the enemy jump clones. After this, Ushra'Khan lost Ev0ke support and within two weeks, both sides were control tower spamming. Eventually, Ushra'Khan was unable to match CVA's tower numbers as CVA began reinforcing and destroying hostile towers. With the loss of their outposts Ushra'Khan was forced to retreat to Assah in nearby Derelik.

Peace, Prosperity, Holders[edit]

After the removal of Ushra'Khan from Providence as a sovereign holding entity, CVA entered a period of peace and prosperity. This period saw the addition of several more outposts as well as the growth of neutral traffic within the Deliverance Corridor and Providence. Also during this time, a system was borrowed from the Amarr Empire to help settle and civilize portions of Providence. A Holder system was established which gave leading allies and supporters of CVA during the Siege of Ushra'Khan constellations within Providence to claim sovereignty and develop under the authority of CVA. The initial Providence Holders included Paxton Federation, Libertas Fidelitas, Sev3rance, Aegis Militia, Cold Steel Alliance, and Vigilia Valeria. CVA and its holders work together on a daily basis, patrolling Providence and fighting of raiding pirates from neighboring regions.

Triumvirate in Providence[edit]

In December of 109 EST (2007) the alliance Triumvirate. launched a campaign directed at Providence. Triumvirate initially based out of the Assah system in Derelik but quickly moved to CVA's main low-security hub of Misaba in the Domain region. With the occupation of Misaba, CVA forces were forced to desert the area, allowing Triumvirate to attack CVA POS's in the area. Triumvirate were attempting to force large fleet battles, but CVA allowed the small and medium POS's in Misaba to be lost.

Soon after the Trinity Expansion was deployed, resulting in massive bugs in POS's and POS systems. Cynosural jammers were not working, jump bridges would not work and all POS warfare was banned. CCP managed to fix the cyno jammer bugs but not the jump bridge problems before allowing POS warfare to continue. Triumvirate, wishing to start a large scale fight, reinforced all the CVA towers in the system of X-R3NM, their first outpost system. The fight to protect X-R3NM saw massive support from Holders and residents of Providence for CVA in the successful defence of the system. It also showed the extent to how bugged POS's were at the time as CVA POS's at times were more deadly to friendly fleets than Triumvirate forces.

A few days later, Triumvirate attacked X-R3NM again. This time the jump bridges were working and POS gunners were ready, making the fight much more costly, and resulted in only 3/4 towers being reinforced. While waiting for X-R3NM to come out of reinforced, Triumvirate also attempted to reinforce the system of R3 but lost a dread in the process. The second round for X-R3 saw an increase in CVA preparations. A defense fleet was in place 5 hours before towers were out of reinforced. Reports placed the Triumvirate fleet at 100 battleships but when the CVA fleet was seen ready on the R3 gate, Triumvirate reshipped into nano-HACs. CVA forces decided to withdraw and Triumvirate filtered their HACs back for Battleships after gaining control of the gate in X-R3NM.

CVA deployed capitals and super capitals on the cyno jammer in preparation of the Triumvirate assault. Triumvirate warped into the jammer and the defense fleet response created a great deal of lag, allowing the POS gunners and capital drones ample ability to destroy Triumvirate forces as the players themselves were too lagged to react. CVA's tacklers managed to bubble a large portion of the Triumvirate fleet which suffered strong losses. Triumvirate withdrew and regrouped. As they were regrouping, reports came in of a 90 man fleet of the IAC and Goonswarm within a jump of X-R3NM. Large amounts of lag were caused as both sides repeatedly jumped between X-R3 and X6AB-Y, which made loading the grid and combat almost impossible and Triumvirate decided to withdraw. Later, a post on the EVE Online forums announced the end of Triumvirate's Providence campaign, officially bringing the conflict to its end.

Civilizing Providence[edit]

Following the Triumvirate invasion, CVA increased their Outposts in Providence from 5 to 17, gaining 3 capital systems in the process. In late 110 EST (2008) they crossed the 1000 member mark as they have continually but carefully expanded their membership. Recently CVA announced in a statement[1] of the expansion of their Operation Deliverance into the Derelik region bordering Providence. Since than, CVA have continued to display a presence in lower Derelik, particularly around the greater Assah area.


On October 28th, 111 EST (2009) CVA was disbanded when a hacker infiltrated Concord's registry and asset systems through a Celestial Janissary's directors account. After quickly verifying the safety of the director, the corporations of CVA and residents of Providence quickly organized, locking down the region with hundreds of pilots while negotiating with concord for the return of the alliances organization and sovereignty. After Concords investigation concluded that the disbandment was the result of outside individual maliciously accessing their data, full sovereignty and alliance information were restored. Many were surprised with the vast display of public support provided to CVA from friends and foe alike throughout New Eden during this time of crisis.

The Providence War[edit]

In January 112 the Providence Holders Coalition launched a border expansion campaign spearheaded by Libertas Fidelitas alliance at four unclaimed systems along the Catch/Providence border between the Paxton system of D-GTMI and the Against All Authorities' systems of HED-GP and 36N-HZ. Against ALL Authorities, claiming these systems still fell under their auspices, demanded their return. AAA launched a counter offensive that drove Providence forces out of the newly acquired border systems and sieged the Paxton system of D-GTMI with the help of Ushra'Khan and the StainWagon Coalition (Coven, Stain Empire, Systematic-Chaos). The Battle for D-GTMI took place which saw the loss of over a hundred capital ships by Providence forces and the system was taken from Paxton by force. After negotiations to end hostilities failed, wider conflict broke out and the Southern Coalition and to a smaller degree Systematic Chaos systematically removed CVA and most of their Holders from their outposts.

By May 112, CVA control of Providence had largely been lost, with all station systems being captured. At peak, CVA lost 19 outposts over the course of 2 weeks, with little sustained resistance being offered. CVA continued to retain sovereignty in five non-outpost systems in Providence until September when the last system, 2V-CS5 was taken by Imperial Order. During this time CVA pulled back to its traditional low-sec heart, the Misaba system and the surrounding low-sec area. They also saw the loss of several corporations including Davy Jones Locker, Genco, Ammatar Free Corps (Closed), Friends of Fun (Closed), Epitoth Guard (Closed), Ordo Drakonis, and Husaria. It also saw the acqusition of Kiith Paktu.

Providence War: Resurgence[edit]

September 112 saw a resurgence and a reversal of CVA fortunes in Providence. A dedicated campaign against what was perceived as the weakest link in the Providence NIP, Legio Astartes Arcanum proved to be extremely successful, resulting in an upswing in morale amongst CVA and Providence Holder Coalition pilots. Also around this time NIP forces suffered from a split in leadership and a Civil War between Damu'Khonde and the Daisho Bloc, providing opportunities to the Providence Holder Coalition. October saw the successful use of several attempts at transferring sovereignty amongst the NIP to its advantaged and manged to successfully acquire two outposts. At the same time Noir. Mercenary Group pulled out of Providence, successfully giving two of its outposts to CVA in the H-KW4A pocket. CVA successfully waged several large fleet fights in S9X-AX, H9-J8N, and HP-6Z6 systems, soundly defeating NIP forces with the help of Nulli Secunda and the remaining members of the Providence Holder Coalition.

November saw CVA numbers rise again with the corporation m3 Corp joining the ranks of CVA. It also saw the reacquisition of CVAs traditional 0.0 Capital, X6AB-Y. Everything was not rosey however as November also saw the entrance of both Evoke and Northern Coalition. into Providence Politics. Evoke mostly focused on Nip forces in Northern Providence while Northern Coalition interfered and than began acquiring NIP and CVA systems in South Providence. December saw the gaining of several non-outpost systems in Mid-Providence and the acquisition of a new corporation, Melnie Vanagi and the return of an old friend, Ordo Drakonis. Around mid-December Circle-of-Two decided to completely pull out of Providence, offering its systems to CVA. During the transfer process on December 18th, Evoke interfered with two systems, acquiring R3-K7K and F-YH5B.

Providence War: A New Year[edit]

January proved to be devastating to CVA and the Providence Holders Coalition as it became evident that both Evoke and Northern Coalition. where here to stay. Northern Coalition. acuired CVA outposts in the H-KW4A constellation as well as most of CVAs non-vital systems elsehwere in Providence. January also saw the loss of M3 Corp and Hermeticus Amarria. All was not lost yet however as three new corporations (Pentag blade, Osirians of Eve, and nXo. The end of January 113 also so a glimmering bit of hope as CVA was gifted several outposts in Northern Catch by Against All Authorities.

Providence War: February; Leadership Crisis[edit]

The bad news kept coming in February however as CVA were forced out of the Q-6LG1 constellation which had been given to them several months earlier by Circle-of-Two. CVA continued to lose ground against Northern Coalition but the worse loss came on February 20th when long time CEO of Imperial Dreams and executor of CVA, Aralis, stepped down not only from his position as alliance executor but also from his position as CEO of Imperial Dreams. The mantle of CEO and executor was given to Leo D'Green. Following his acceptance of executorship CVA suffered losses once again in N8-XA-L and X6AB-Y. March saw the loss of the corporations nXo, L'Agence, Knights of the Silver Dawn, Melnie Vanagi, and Ordo Drakonis. It also saw several systems in Catch being returned to -A- and Leo D'Green stepping down from CEO and Executor in favor of Hardin.

Providence War: The Next Step[edit]

Alas even under Hardin new problems appeared almost immediately. Due to family issues planet side, Hardin was forced to step down from executor within a matter of weeks. Executor was finally granted to Equinox Daedalus, long-time CEO of the Legion of Spoon. After this leadership transformation things started to turn around. Several new corporations joined CVA (Defensores Fidei, Legatus Legionis XIV, and Khanid Guard) and several inactive corporations were removed (2nd Praetorian Guard, ShadowTech Inc., Zealot Warriors Against Terrorists). It has also seen a resurgence amongst Providence Holder Coalition Forces, mostly championed by The Shadows of Eve Consortium, and a gradual assault on Northern Coalition. and their pets systems. May 3rd saw the capture of outpost system N8 recovered by The Shadows of Eve Consortium and a continued effort to disrupt activities of Northern Coalition. and their renters Northern Associates.

New Providence?[edit]

As a result of enormous efforts by members of Defensores Fidei, Evoke Diplomats, and CVA leadership an agreement was made with Evoke, Northern Coalition., and their associates resulting in the immediate transfer of R3-K7K to CVA. Over the next several weeks 19 other systems were transferred either to CVA or Providence Holders members. Negotiations continue to progress over the return of other Providence systems to Holders members as the Evoke/NC. block move north to newly conquered systems in the tribute region. At the same long-standing X-Cva and allies Nihilist Social Club dissolved, seeing several corps join (or rejoin) CVA including Exile Consortium, Husaria, and Intergalactic Crossing. Currently CVA continues to strive forward in the rebuilding and stabilizing of Providence as it is slowly returned.


CVA maintains a Not Red, Don't Shoot (NRDS) policy. Pilots of a neutral affiliation are welcomed in their space, if they uphold CVA's laws of aggression. Piracy is not tolerated in CVA space, and pirates are actively hunted.

Neutrals are welcomed by CVA to exploit and use space controlled by CVA at their own discretion. With the exception of erecting POSs, Neutrals may mine, rat, and explore without restriction. Pilots who live in the area for a period of time and are active in patrolling Providence are given access to intelligence channels.

When pilots commit an act of piracy against CVA members, a CVA diplomat will contact the perpetrator's corporation or alliance to have the damage reimbursed and the culprit removed. If that request is denied, the corporation or alliance will be considered hostile for an infinite period.

Since CVA's list of hostiles has grown long over the years, the list of standings in-game was not long enough to annotate all the hostiles. CVA has thus adopted a web-based Kill on Sight list (KOS Checker). People living within the areas under CVA influence are only allowed to engage individuals or entities on this hostile list which is also followed by the Providence Holders Coalition of which CVA is the leader.