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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



This research is focused on documenting and analysing any ongoing communications with Rogue Drones, to see if we can identify their agenda or any patterns that may be present in their answers or mannerisms.

Strange Transmissions In Dead End[edit]

On Y.C. 113.07.29 the messages below was received by Felix Argentius after sending an initial message in standard Binary, he received back several strange transmissions while in the Dead End system. Exactly who, or what sent them is still unknown at this time but it is suspected to be of Rogue Drone origin and we will proceed on this assumption until evidence to prove otherwise surfaces.

Excerpts from the original log are attached below. The encoding used in the messages appears to be Base64, which then needs to be decoded using ASCII before finally revealing the plain text.

Grideris then spent the next few days in Dead End, attempting to re-establish contact with the mystery broadcaster, with no success. Before he left he deployed a communications node that will randomly broadcast some strings in Binary, and will redirect any messages matching the pattern to himself via a Fluid Router. He did this hoping it will yield some sort of response.

Please note that while others have previously stated their belief that Rogue Drones are responsible for these transmissions, there is actually no evidence to either support or exclude this theory at this time.


[ 2011.07.29 06:35:39 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Dead End Local Channel

[ 2011.07.29 06:43:10 ] Felix Argentius > Heh.

01011001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01101101 01101111 01110100

01101000 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110111 01100001 01110011 00100000

01100001 01101110 00100000 01000001 01110000 01110000 01101100 01100101

00100000 01011101 01011011 00100001

[ 2011.07.29 06:45:46 ] Message >





[ 2011.07.29 06:58:39 ] Felix Argentius > Um....what?

[ 2011.07.29 06:59:21 ] Message >





[ 2011.07.29 07:04:15 ] Message >






[ 2011.07.29 07:08:41 ] Message >




[ 2011.07.29 07:10:27 ] Message > Channel changed to Central Point Local Channel

[ 2011.07.29 07:27:47 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Gateway Local Channel

[ 2011.07.29 07:30:53 ] Message >




Decoded messages in chronological order.

[ 2011.07.29 06:35:39 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Dead End Local Channel

[ 2011.07.29 06:43:10 ] Felix Argentius > Heh. Your mother was an Apple ][!

[ 2011.07.29 06:45:46 ] Message > Data transmission received, beginning bulk data upload.

[ 2011.07.29 06:58:39 ] Felix Argentius > Um....what?

[ 2011.07.29 06:59:21 ] Message >Data Upload Error: Protocol Checksum Mismatch. Retrying...

[ 2011.07.29 07:04:15 ] Message >Fatal Error: Protocol Transfer Timeout Exceeded, Link Closing...

[ 2011.07.29 07:08:41 ] Message >Anomalous Connection, Terminating.

[ 2011.07.29 07:10:27 ] Message > Channel changed to Central Point Local Channel

[ 2011.07.29 07:27:47 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Gateway Local Channel

[ 2011.07.29 07:30:53 ] Message >Target Exceeding Maximum Transfer Radius.

(Note that the last transmission was received when the receiving pilot was in the Gateway System)

Theories And Analysis[edit]

The transmissions are actively being studied, and although the sender is unknown, the message has been cut to pieces and each piece investigated separately. Here are some of the research that has been made into the subject:

Data transmission received, beginning bulk data upload. This indicates that the transmission was triggered by the capsuleer's binary message, and the entity that sent this message begins to upload some unknown data, perhaps to the capsuleer's ship.

Data Upload Error: Protocol Checksum Mismatch. Retrying... It has been speculated that at this point the upload went wrong. Theorists suggest that it may have been the different interface of the ship that caused the upload to fail. The capsuleer did not receive whatever data was meant to be uploaded.

Fatal Error: Protocol Transfer Timeout Exceeded, Link Closing... Here the link had been invalid for too long, and is therefore closing.

Anomalous Connection, Terminating. The connection differs from normal transfer protocol and for safety measures is being terminated.

It should be noted that the pilot moved two systems (in one he did not receive transmissions) and still was receiving transmissions. That could mean, according to some researchers, that the capsuleer was being followed or the sender entity was using a different method of data transfer.

Target Exceeding Maximum Transfer Radius. At this point the 'target' apparently the capsuleer, exited the maximum transfer range. This would suggest that the sender was not following the capsuleer, but were using some kind of far-distance transmitter.

(note: all theories so far are pure speculation and have not been proved. To our knowledge it could be a station window washer talking with a vacuum bot)

Algintal Incident (Dronietta)[edit]

On Y.C. 113.08.02 Natelia of Ataraxia Pharmacies encountered a Rogue Drone in the Parchanier System that contacted her directly using a string of Binary Code which when decoded revealed the Rogue Drone was requesting help, the Drone Mind requested Natelia acquire from the asteroid field a Binary Code. After destroying some Serpentis pirates in one of the asteroid belts she looted a Binary Transpositional Code from the wrecks and once this was given to the Drone Mind it integrated it into its systems at which point the Drone Mind seemed to be able to converse in the Capsuleer's native language.

Once Capsuleer and Drone Mind were able to communicate freely the Drone Mind requested assistance in gathering more Embryos, once Natelia consented navigational data was uploaded to her computers detailing a beacon labeled as 'Aether Drone Hive'. This turned out to be a Rogue Drone Complex which contained a Spatial Rift which could be navigated by Capsuleer vessels, once her ship had traversed the Spatial Rift she found herself in the presence of the Aehter Hive Queen (Battleship Class) accompanied by its escorts, all of which were defending a Aether Drone Hive Germinator.

The Aether Hive Queen seemed to possess a massive capacity for self-regeneration which was only overcome when Natelia deployed her own Dominix class vessel in response. Once it was destroyed a Drone Mind Embryo was recovered from the wreckage and Natelia gave this to the Drone Mind. Drone Mind then gave the Capsuleer a reward of one implant (unknown type) and hacked into the Outer Ring Excavations database to grant her an increase in standings with that Corporation.


Theories And Analysis[edit]

This is clearly an important event that has taken place and given the fact that this Drone Mind communicated with a Capsuleer directly it is currently top of our list of possible sites for our future attempts at communication. I would also observe that given the effect that a Binary Transpositional Code had on this Drone Mind we should go ahead with creating our Primer as discussed in the Communication Protocols as it may have a greater chance of success then we initially had thought.

In addition this 'Aether Drone Hive' seems to contain a useable Spatial Rift which is of critical importance to other projects and divisions so said site should be secured for research as soon as possible.

This event is wrapped up in the whole situation in the Skeleton Comet Complex, where a strain of Rogue Drones has evolved by the possible assimilation of Yan Jung artifacts, which were then rejected by the single Hive Queen in control of the Skeleton Comet Hive. Exactly why these newer drones were rejected is unknown at this time but it is possible that this new technology made them more independent or unable/unwilling to follow commands from the Hive Mother which resulted in their rejection and attempted destruction by the original Hive. A study of the Skeleton Comet Complex should be undertaken as soon as time allows to assess the current situation.

In closing I would say that the discussion and conclusion's in the Algintal Reports Review by Ancient Races Division are fairly concise and I am liable to agree with their findings and as such I will not reproduce them here in our communication analysis but they will be reproduced in full in our relevant Research Project areas.