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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

In New Eden, raw damage may be inflicted by countless varieties of weapons but always belongs to one or more of the four main damage types: Electromagnetic, Thermal, Kinetic and Explosive.

Damage Types[edit]

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Electromagnetic damage is based on electromagnetic radiation. This type of damage can be inflicted by lasers, certain types of missiles, and certain types of projectile rounds. Amarr drones do this type of damage.

Shields are typically the most vulnerable to this type of damage.

Armor is typically the least vulnerable to this type of damage.


Thermal damage pertains to applied heat on an enemy target. Lasers can provide this type of damage with different crystals loaded. Certain types of missiles, projectile ammunition, and all hybrid turrets will provide this damage type. Gallente drones do this type of damage.

Shields and armor have moderate resistance to this damage type.


Kinetic damage pertains to physical impacts of an object against another. This damage type is dealt by all hybrid turrets, some projectile ammunition, and some missile types. Caldari drones do this type of damage.

Shields have the second highest resistance against kinetic damage.

Armor has the second lowest resistance against kinetic damage.


Explosive damage pertains to damage caused due to the explosions of a munition against a target. This damage type is inflicted by some types of Missiles and some types of Projectile turrets. Lasers and hybrid turrets are unable to inflict explosive damage. Minmatar drones do this type of damage.

Shields have the highest resistance against explosive damage, whilst armor has the lowest.

NPC damage Types[edit]

The various factions and pirates across New Eden tend to inflict particular damage types over others. The following is a list of the damage types inflicted by different factions

Damage done by NPCs[edit]

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NPC Name Damage type dealt
Electromagnetic Thermal Kinetic Explosive
Angel Cartel (Gist, Arch, Domination) Yes (Minor) Yes (Minor) Yes (Secondary) Yes (Primary)
Amarr Navy Yes Yes No No
Ammatar Fleet Yes Yes No No
Blood Raiders (Corpus, Elder, Dark) Yes Yes No No
Caldari Navy No Yes Yes No
EoM No Yes Yes No
Gallente Navy No Yes (Secondary) Yes (Primary) No
Guristas (Pith, Dire, Dread) No Yes (Secondary) Yes (Primary) No
Khanid Navy Yes Yes No No
Mercenary Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mordu's Legion No Yes (Secondary) Yes (Primary) No
Odamian No Yes Yes No
Rogue Drones (Alvus, Strain, Sentient) Yes (Minor) Yes (Secondary) Yes (Secondary) Yes (Primary)
Republic Fleet Yes (Minor) Yes (Minor) Yes (Secondary) Yes (Primary)
Sansha (Centus, Loyal, True) Yes Yes No No
Serpentis (Core, Guardian, Shadow) No Yes Yes No
The Syndicate Yes (Minor) Yes (Secondary) Yes (Primary) Yes (Minor)
Thukker Tribe Yes (Minor) Yes (Minor) Yes (Secondary) Yes (Primary)

Best damage to do to NPCs[edit]

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NPC Name Damage type to deal
Angel Cartel Explosive
Blood Raiders Electromagnetic/Thermal
Caldari Navy Kinetic
EoM Kinetic
Guristas Kinetic
Mercenary Thermal
Mordu's Legion Thermal/Kinetic
Sansha Electromagnetic/Thermal
Serpentis Kinetic/Thermal
The Syndicate Kinetic/Thermal
Thukker Tribe Explosive