Deadspace Invasion

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Deadspace invasion refers to unsolicited entry in another player's mission deadspace area.


Invading mission deadspaces is generally done to hunt down mission runners (PVP), but is also done to ninja loot and/or ninja salvage.


  • Skills:
    • Science III
    • Astrometrics II
  • Modules:
    • Expanded Probe Launcher I
    • Combat Scanner Probe
  • Ship:
    • Ship with at least 220ft CPU.


It's recommended to use a ship that grants probe signal strength bonuses. There are also some implants that grant similar, related bonuses. This may help cut down the time you need to track down a mission deadspace.

How To[edit]

You need to locate a ship inside a mission deadspace by using probes. Send combat probes in empty areas of space with a fairly large scan radius. If the probes pick up a ship in the middle of nowhere, chances are it is located in a mission deadspace.

All that needs to be done is getting 100% signal strength on the ship and warp to it. You will be warped at the entrance of the deadspace, at the acceleration gate. You should make a bookmark of the entrance.

Mission Deadspace Restrictions[edit]

It is believed that mission deadspaces last until the mission runner completes the mission. However, if you are still in the mission deadspace, it will not disappear until you leave (or any other players in the deadspace). They also disappear during downtimes.

A good idea would be to bookmark one single object in each section of the deadspace complex. Missions objects may have disappeared when you come back, but all the wrecks will still be there to be collected. Since the area is no longer considered a deadspace you will be able to warp directly and even use microwarpdrives.

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