Digital Tessellation

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Cosmic Signature Details
Digital Tessellation
Signature Strength 1.25%
Type Radar
Equipment needed Codebreaker
Security 0.0
Known Regions Cloud Ring
Pirate type Serpentis Corporation

Digital Tessellation is a static COSMOS complex that spawns in Cloud Ring (and very occasionally outside of it). Like all the "Digital" sites it is a high end drug manufacturing complex for its Serpentis inhabitants; as such, this site features extremely valuable loot. Potential loot drops include standard, improved, and strong booster BPCs as well as much sought after Nanite Control skillbooks. The NPCs in this facility do a considerable amount of DPS, and there are capacitor neutralizing enemies in this facility. Bring a strong tank and some friends if you can.

Edit: I didn't have neutra tower or npc neutra, and not so much dps. Need confirmation

Warp in: Gates at 85 KM from warp in point

First Gate :

13X BC
11X Frig
3X Blaster Towers, lots of hp (around 180 Trauma Fury heavy missile to take it down one)

(all rats are 60km ~ 122km away from warp in)


There is 2 gates:
Fisrt take the Pleasure one, cause in the pleasure one you will have the gate to the Duel gate.

Gate to Pleasure Dome :

7 BC /cruisers size
3 BS

6 Cans hackable (Com Relay)


Gate to Duel Grounds :

5 Frig size (Scrambled/Web)
5 BC/Cruisers size
1 BS

Gate to VIP Room

5 Cans Hackable (Victim's Stash)


Gate to Vip Room

20 frig/destro size 8 BS/cruisers size 3 BS size

5 Hackable cans (Restricted Punch Bowl)


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