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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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  • Title: Directscan improvement
  • Raised by: Korvin
  • Submission Date: 7 Dec 2009
  • Issue ID: ???


We have a lot of players, displeased by a directscan delay, but that was made to reduce the server loadout, and i'm not sure, CCP would change it back, so what i want to introduce here is a compromise, to improve the useability of directscan. (this thread )

The main problem here is not a scan delay we have, but the fact that the ppl want to spam that button! Yes, thats the action, and we want to see the results asap, but all we see is an error message, so we are not sure, that we have a new result.

What i want to suggest is - sticking directscan button, that will stuck for the time of scan delay, so you will not get the error messages (and btw, that will reduce the server loadout even more, since the server still have to send the error message)

This vid explains what im talking about.

So, we press scan, button becomes inactive, we still can spam it, client doesn't send any requests, server doesn't sends error response, and we see the results immediately, as we can get it, and we are sure, that we have the new one. (fool protection ftw)

Potential Solutions[edit]

The solution is simple - when you press the scan button, it will become inactive for the scan delay time (maybe ccp could even add some animation, like the module cycle animation we have now, and bleep sound)

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CSM Meeting Minutes[edit]


Passes: 9/0