Dirty Site

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Complex Details
Dirty Site
Signature Strength  ?
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security lowsec
Known Regions Kor-Azor, Genesis,The Bleak Lands,Essence,Molden Heath,Derelik
Pirate type Rogue Drones

Deadspace Combat Complex.

Acceleration Gate Entrance. (No enemies)

Room 1[edit]

Group 1(Aggro on warp in)
5x (Frigate) Splinter/Render Alvi
Group 2
4x (Frigate) Hunter/Silverfish Alvi
1x (Elite Frigate) Strain Render Alvi
Group 3
6x (Cruiser) Viral Infector Alvum
Spawn 1(Triggered by approaching the Acceleration Gate)
3x (Frigate) Hunter/Silverfish Alvi
2x (Elite Frigate) Strain Render Alvi (Warp Scrambler, Stasis Webifier)
Spawn 2(Triggered by killing Spawn 1)
2x (Frigate) Raider Alvi
3x (Elite Frigate) Strain Splinter Alvi (Warp Scrambler, Stasis Webifier)

Room 2[edit]

13x (Frigate) Hunter/Render/Splinter/Raider Alvi
3x (Elite Frigate) Strain Splinter/Raider/Sunder Alvi (Warp Scrambler, Stasis Webifier)
2x (Destroyer) Marauder Alvior
Spawn 1 (Triggered by killing the group closest to warp in)
4x (Elite Cruiser) Strain Nuker/Splinter/Atomizer/Disintegrator Alvum
3x (Battlecruiser) Exterminator/Siege Alvatis
Spawn 2 (Trigger?)
3x (Frigate) Hunter/Barracuda/Devilfish Alvi
4x (Battleship) Alvus Ruler / Supreme Alvus Parasite
Spawn 3 (Triggered by killing the group farthest from warp in)
3x (Elite Frigate) Strain Devilfish/Silverfish Alvi
2x (Elite Cruiser) Strain Violator Alvum
1x (Cruiser Commander) Sentient Disintegrator Alvum
Spawn 4 (Trigger?)
4x (Elite Frigate) Strain Raider/Sunder Alvi
3x (Destroyer) Dismantler Alvior

After killing enough drones it can give you the expedition "Loose Ends".


If the site does not escalate, the following message appears in local:



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