Docking in Capital Ships (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Zastrow
  • Submission Date: aug 9
  • Issue ID: tbd


It makes no sense to have to eject from my ship in a station, contract it over to a carrier pilot, have the carrier pilot jump it in his sma to my destination, contract it back over, and then be forced to either podjump or fly all the way there myself anyway. Instead I think everyone would like to simply be able to dock in the capital ship, lean back, and be transported with their ship to their destination without any of those hassles.

Even if not allowed for carriers, this would provide a role for motherships, a ship which has an identity crisis.

Avalloc Addition:

The current situation is that the sma bays of capital ships are severely under utilized and a hassle to use. To transfer a ship you first have to give it to the capital, have him accept it, place it in his sma, jump to wherever, then give it back. Its a pain in the ass to use this and subject to rampant theft as well. In addition to that there is the bigger problem of getting your pod reunited with your ship after the capital moves it. The only practical way to be reunited with your ship is flying dozens of jumps yourself anyway through hostile territory, podjumping costing yourself implants and the clone price, or already having a jump clone and you can still only reunite with it in a station that way.

The problem this causes is that there is no practical way to get pilots to the ships in your sma during combat or fleet movement. You can give your ship to a capital to move but whats the point if you can't get where the capital is going? They can carry a great deal of ships but without people to fly them what is the point as there is no way to get the pilots efficiently and quickly to where the capitals can go. Clone vat bays are inefficient and rarely used due to the vulnerability of the ship using it as well as the immense amount of preparation work for it to be used leaving it ignored on the battlefield leaving no options for players to reunite with their ships short of forcing the capital to dock in a station you have an office with before you can use it.


Allow subcapital ships to dock inside capitals or supercaptals to be jumped into battle.

Avalloc Addition: The solution is to introduce a mechanic that allows players to dock their ship into capitals and travel with them inside the ship. This would allow capital fleets to take their support with them quickly and efficiently reducing the amount of preparation and time required to join a fight. There are many tactical ramifications to this decision but mostly it would allow people to spend less time roaming around and more time fighting, and the commitment of a capital to reinforce a fleet would raise the stakes and encourage more improtu battles as each side would be able to bring reinforcements, players and fun to each battle. It would also reduce the tedium and boring roaming currently associated with 0.0 and low sec warfare where you spend a great deal more time looking for targets then actually fighting. Imagine instead of logging in, finding out your fleet is currently 25 jumps away from you, and you are seperated by hostiles camping the pipe giving up and logging off, you could instead be transported into battle by a friendly capital reinforcing your fleet and turning the tide of the battle! For the common player it would mean less tedium, less flying dozens of jumps looking for fights, and more time spent fighting have fun.


  • It is awesome


  • This might be entirely infeasible to program
Avalloc Addition: The cons associated with this largely have to do with the programing resources that need to be allocated to implement this. CCP previously looked at this and decided that due to database issues it was impractical. However that was over four years ago if not more and CCP has gained a great deal of talented programmers that would have fresh eyes and experience that could implement it in a different way. There are many different in game mechanics that could be used to accomplish this feature that are already coded into the game.

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