Dread Guristas Fleet Staging Post

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Complex Details
Dread Guristas Fleet Staging Point
Signature Strength 1.25%
Type Unknown
DED rating Unrated
Security 0.0
Known Regions Tenal,Venal, Tribute,Deklein,Pure Blind,Vale of the Silent
Pirate type Guristas

Dread Guristas Fleet Staging Point is an exploration complex commonly found anywhere inhabited by the Guristas, e.g. Venal. This exploration combat dungeon is one of the rarer, and harder to find, Guristas complexes. Including overseer belonging and possible faction / Deadspace loot at the end.

Room 1[edit]

The initial spawn consists

A second wave will spawn consisting of

Room 2[edit]

The initial spawn consists of

  • 2 x Frigate class
  • 2 x Cruiser class
  • 4 x Battleship class
  • 4 x Cruise Missile Batteries
  • 2 x Neutralizer Batteries
  • 2 x Point Defence Batteries.

A second wave will spawn consisting of

A final third wave will spawn consisting of

If the exploration site escalates, you will recieve a message and a journal entry directing you to the next objective. If nothing happens then this exploration is finished.



Dread Guristas Fleet Staging Point 2[edit]

Warp in[edit]

The initial area (directly upon warp-in, no pre-gate) in this escalating expedition consists of an initial spawn comprised of

A second wave will be triggered, consisting of

  • 3 x Cruise Missiles batteries
  • 2 x Neutraliser batteries. (These may re-spawn after "3rd wave")

A third wave will spawn consisting of

Finally, a fourth wave will spawn consisting of

Can spawn a intoxicated Commander that can drop 12th overseer lewts.

(Received escalation off of "Guristas Scout Commander", was unnecessary to enter next room 6NOV11)

(Recieved escalation after destruction of "Intoxicated Commander" 5 march 2015)

After all of these enemy ships have been destroyed, you are able to take the acceleration gate into the second room.

Room 2[edit]

Here you will met by an initial defense wave consisting of

  • 5 x Cruise Missile Batteries
  • 1 x Heavy Neutralising battery III
  • 2 x Gurista Point Defense Batteries
  • 5 x Battleship class
  • 3 x Cruiser class
  • 3 x Frigate class npcs.

A second wave of enemy ships will spawn to defend the area. This wave contains

(Heavy Neutralising battery III has >100k HP, if with taking the site with Ishtar need to fit 2 x Adaptive Invuls + Damage Controll II; have Geckos)


Dread Guristas Fleet Staging Point 3[edit]

A single room multiwave arena with a chance of a faction loot in the structure at the end. Template:Note . Template:Warning Template:Note


The initial spawn in this area consists of

After the initial spawn has been dealt with, you need to attack the Guristas Fleet Outpost. At around 50% shields the Outpost will respond to defend itself by launching

  • 6 x Cruise Missile Batteries.

Deal with the batteries and continue with the Outpost.

At armor damage it will launch a wave consisting of

  • 3 x Neutraliser Batteries
  • 3 x Dire frigate class
  • 3 x Dire cruiser class
  • 5 x Battleship class npcs.

Clean up the spawn and continue with the Outpost.

At 50% armor it will launch another wave consisting of

  • 6 x Battleships
  • 5 x Dire Cruisers
  • 5-8 x dire frigates.

After you have dealt with those waves, you simply have to destroy the Guristas Fleet Outpost to complete the escalation. Any items of value will be dropped in a cargo container from the Guristas Fleet Outpost.

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