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Dream Port[edit]


A COSMOS exploration site located in the Inder system of the Ani constellation.


The Republic has colonized Inder VIII and is encouraging its citizens to settle here, offering free housing and substantial monetary aid. Despite the harsh environment and the difficulties of supplying the colonies due to lack of a space station in orbit, millions have already taken up that offer. Dream Port acts as the link to the planet until the time a space station can be constructed.


Kraimir Mork[edit]

Leisure Group (Production/Level 1/Quality 0/Event)
         o "Gladiators"

Penda Rakken[edit]

Republic Parliament (Internal Security/Level 2/Quality 0/Event)

         o "The Ani Buildup" 

Them Burkur[edit]

Republic Security Services (Surveillance/Level 2/Quality 0/Event)

         o "Bottleneck" 

Dalkar Kersos[edit]

Krusual Tribe (Internal Security/Level 3/Quality 0/Event)

         o "Purging Ani"