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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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Drone Collection is probably the easiest cosmic anomaly associated with the Rogue Drones. It is commonly found in high security space where Rogue Drones are present. The anomaly consists of one region of space with multiple spawns triggered by the destruction of the previous spawn.

NPC's, Spawn and Trigger Information:[edit]

1st Spawn[edit]

x1-2 (Frigate) Splinter Alvi

2nd Spawn[edit]

x2-3 (Frigate) Splinter/Infester Alvi

3rd Spawn[edit]

x1-2 (Frigate) Decimator/Render Alvi

4th Spawn[edit]

x2-3 (Frigate) Decimator/Render Alvi

5th Spawn[edit]

x1-2 (Frigate) Splinter Alvi
x1 (Frigate) Infester Alvi


x1 Rogue Drone Bunker
x1 Abandoned Ship Yard


x11 Veldspar


It is not known where this site may escalate into an expedition.


The bounties on the Rogue Drones in this anomaly add up to a total of approximately 48,000 - 128,000 ISK, payable by CONCORD.

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