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Drone Patrol is a cosmic anomaly with Rogue Drones.

The Rogue Drones dont give any bounty. However, they usually leave a wreck with special alloy that can be reprocessed for minerals. So, if you want to make isk with this anomaly, you need to BM the place and loot all the wrek with an hauler.

Basic overview[edit]

The complex to start with only has one drone elite battleship inside once you shoot the ship a larger spawn of battleships and frigates will spawn (the frigates will web and scram), random battleships will trigger a new spawn of battleship/frigate spawns (later battleship/cruiser spawns) but these spawns are much smaller than the first one. The mission can be done solo (but the first spawn will need a good tank). The ships now yield bounties when killed and no loot. However, salvaging the wrecks will yield T1 Salvage.

First Spawn
1 x Elite Drone Parasite (Battleship)
3 x Strain SilverFish Alvi (Frigates) - Scram and Web
4 x Patriarch Alvus (Battleship) (Trigger)
Second Spawn
3 x Patriarch Alvus (Battleship) (Trigger)
4 x Dismantler Avli (Frigates)
Third Spawn
3 x Creator Alvus (Battleship) (Trigger)
3 x Striker Alvum (BattleCruisers)
3 x Strain Decimator Avli (Frigate Scram/Web)
3 x Dismantler Alvior (Destroyer)
Fourth Spawn
3x Patriarch Alvus (Battleship) (Trigger)
3 x Strain Devastator Alvi (Frigate Scram/Web)
Fifth Spawn
2 x Patriarch Alvus (Battleship)
2 x Strain SilverFish (Frigates Scram/Web)
3 x Alvus Creator (Battleship)
3 x Strain Bomber Alvum (Cruiser)

Total Bounty: ~23 Million ISK

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