Drone quirky behaviour (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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Raised by: Ankhesentapemkah
Submission Date: 12-08-08
Issue ID: 0102-03-0073
Bug Report ID: 61449


Despite repeated bugreporting the past years, drones still have some quirky behaviour.

Bug one: Drones switching targets independent of instruction and/or against instruction. This happens randomly and can involve all drones at once or just some of the drones. This is especially bothersome when using sentries as you can't always tell immediately if only some of the drones have switched target if you don't have the target they've switched to target locked.

Bug two: Drones clumping together. Free flying drones have a tendency to pair up and fly together. Frequently this results in one pair that are flying so close together (clumped), they interfere with each others flight. Similar to a couple of ships bumping each other while trying to get into warp. The clumped pair of drones lag far behind the other three drones when moving to a target or when returning to the ship which launched them. In addition to reducing firepower this sometimes causes the loss of one or both of the clumped pair if the drones have come under enemy fire.

These two problems affect all drone users and particularly the drone boats.

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