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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

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What is it?[edit]

The EVE Character Showroom is a browser based tool that will allow you to monitor your skilltraining online, without the need of a desktop based application (besides obviously a browser). It's not a planner, nor will it tell you when to expect your firstborn, it simply informs you on the status of your current skills in training. Also, in the case of you wanting to sell your character, it provides a nice and easy stats overview for people interested in buying it. There's an RSS feed that shows characters for sale added in the last 30 days, which you can use as you wish. Per request some time ago, it now also has a special rendermode for iPhones/iPod Touches/PSPs, for when you're on the go. Also included is a nice stats page, showing total SP, average SP (ordered by SP) and average SP (ordered by corp) for all known corporations in the system. All completely public statistics are anonymous.

Character Sheet features[edit]

   * Complete overview of all skills trained
   * Full implant overview for active clone
   * Overview of level 5 skills
   * A bar chart, allowing for a quick overview of a characters strengths/weaknesses
   * Skillpoints gained per hour
   * iPhone compatible rendering mode
   * Corp/Race/Bloodline logo display (if applicable/available)
   * Ships can Fly page, showing overview of all ships usable by the character
   * Active 'Time Remaining' countdown indicator 

Safety / Security[edit]

Every single character listed is completely API verified using your LIMITED API key. It's not possible to fool the system, as all the data is pulled directly from CCPs servers. So no changing of uploaded XML files to trick the rankings. Also, your LIMITED API key cannot be used to do anything ingame, all the API does is provide one-way data from the game to applications/websites like mine. If you're listed, and for some reason would like to delist, simply change your API key, this will make your sheet invalid.

Current Statistics (Dec. '08)[edit]

Total Pilots .......... 12750

Pilots For Sale ..... 365 (Entered the last 30 days)


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