EVE Visual Effects Cheat Sheet

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

EVE Visual Effects Cheat Sheet

EVE's visual effects can be hard to understand for new players and casual fans. With the rise of the Alliance Tournaments and New Eden Open a reference was needed on the EVElopedia. This page will serve as that reference.

Action Tracking Interface:[edit]

Updated for the New Eden Open:

File:NEO Viewer interface.jpg

File:NEO Viewer Interface 2.jpg

On match startup the bottom left window will show bans and then the commentators. Top and lower left show the combat view of the arena and the camera views of the ships as they fight.

At the bottom, listed there in order from the center are: Ship name; its remaining shield, armor and structure; speed; pilots name; and the points awarded the other team when it is destroyed.

Score Bar[edit]

On the bottom we have both teams shown left (in red) and right (in blue) and their score with the time remaining in the center.

If a team is tied when the click finish counting down the match goes to sudden death.

The thin line above their name is ship points remaining per team; NEO only allowed 70 points worth of ships.

Action Tracking Bars[edit]

Under the score bar there are three bars that allow you to track the action.

Defense bar: Total effective hit points per team in blue. Purple is the active repair ability over one minute.

Attack bar: Gray is total damage potential under perfect conditions over one minute. It fills up with red as more DPS is applied.

Control bar: Gray shows how many modules the team has that can dictate how a team flies. Fills up green when the modules are applied but not how effective they are.


Left and right all the way at the bottom are the ship lists that are flying.

The modules that are effecting a ships targeting, tracking, movement and if it is being repaired by a remote repairing module appear in the center.

File:Action icons.jpg

Left to right on the top: Sensor Dampner, Tracking disruption, Web and Tracking Disruption.

Second line: ECM, Sensor Dampner, Tracking Disruption, Warp drive inhibited, Webbed, Nos and Cap transfer.

Not show: Remote repair.

Damage Effects[edit]

Missile Fire Visual effect[edit]

(Target is off screen left)

File:Missile Effect.jpg

Rail Gun Fire Visual Effect[edit]

(Target is off screen upper right)

File:Rail Gun fire effect.jpg

Laser Fire Visual Effect[edit]

( Target is off screen to the right)

File:Laser Effects.jpg

Projectile Fire Visual Effect[edit]

File:Projectile Effect.jpg

Smart Bomb and Launched Bomb Visual Effect.[edit]

File:Smart Bomb Effect.jpg

Ship Repair Effects[edit]

Ship Self Repairing Armor Visual Effect.[edit]

File:Armor Repair Effect.jpg

Ship shield module "Invulnerablity Field" Active Visual Effect.[edit]

File:Invulnerablity Field Effect.jpg

Remote Armor Repairer Visual Effect[edit]

(Target on the left)

File:Remote Armor Repairer Effect.jpeg

Remote Shield Tranfer Visual Effect[edit]

(target off screen)

File:Remote Shield Repair Effect.jpg

Damage Applifications and Control effects.[edit]

Target Painter Visual Effect[edit]

(Target is off screen)

File:Target Painter Effect.jpg

Warp Scrambler Visual Effect[edit]

(Target is off screen left)

File:Warp Disruption Effect..jpg

Webbed Visual Effect[edit]

Module slows ships down.

File:Web Effect.jpg

ECM and Tracking Disrupters Visual Effect[edit]

(Target is on the right)

File:ECM Effect.jpg

ECCM Visual Effect[edit]

File:EECM Effect.jpg

Nosferatu Visual Effect[edit]


Energy Tranfer Visual Effect[edit]

Receiving ship is on the left.

File:Energy transfer.jpg


Salvager Visual Effect[edit]

(Target in the Middle)

File:Salvager Effect.jpg

Tractor Beam Visual Effect.[edit]

(Target on the Left)

File:Tractor Beam Effect.jpg

Warp Visual Effect[edit]

File:Warp Effect.jpg