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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


The Eve Gate is a giant natural wormhole located in the New Eden System in the Genesis Region. Surrounded by a strong magnetic field, ship travel is impossible close the celestial object, and the now unstable wormhole is impassable. Famed for being the source of all life in the EVE cluster and used to lead to the Milky Way galaxy. Its collapse caused the worst disaster in EVE’s history, when the small human colonies of EVE were cut from support from the mother galaxy, destroying most life in the cluster.

Interstellar Traveling on the EVE Gate[edit]


New Eden System[edit]

The gate, although three light years away from New Eden's star, can be seen brightly in the sky of the New Eden system. At this distance, it would take several years of high-speed travel to reach. A sole planet, New Eden I, orbits around the small yellow star of the system. The only entry into the system is a star gate to Promised Land. Occasionally, capsuleers will anchor cargo containers to mark their pilgrimage to the gate.

The EVE gate


In 7703 A.D. the wormhole opened, and in 7987 A.D. colonization of EVE became possible. mega-corporations, religious factions and ethnic groups quickly begin colonization of the EVE cluster, founding several hundred small colonies. At some point however, the gate collapsed, severing the colonies from the worlds which sustained them, bringing a dark age upon the inhabitable worlds, while millions more perished on other colonies in the ensuing chaos.

During their expiation, the Amarr Empire claimed the region of Genesis and the EVE Gate as their own. To them, as to many in EVE, the gate is a place of religious significance. Unfortunately, the region surrounding the Eve Gate is still lawless, and is inhabited by several groups of pirates, both faction and capsuleer. It is rumored that the wrecks of the many ships which were destroyed during the final days still float in the void around the gate. The lack of wreckage detected by scanners has not culled the speculation; some say that the ancient vessels have been cloaked by the Jove to prevent advanced technology from falling into the wrong hands.

In 23346 A.D. a bright star appeared to the EVE cluster. The mysterious "Star in the North" is speculated to be the closing of the Eve Gate in the Milky Way galaxy. However, several capsuleer scientists have dismissed this claim, given that any light travelling from such a distant location would undoubtedly require more than ~20,000 years to arrive here. In late November of that same year, the star disappeared from the sky without explanation.

Sisters of EVE[edit]

The Sisters of EVE center their faith on the Eve Gate. They believe that the gate is a divine gift, given to them for the purpose of unlocking the secrets of the universe and obtaining an eternal peace. They believe that God resides on the other side of the gate, guiding those of faith to him. Harna Durado, along with the Sanctuary corporation currently in charge of the sisters efforts at the gate.

The Bootini Star[edit]

Due to its mysterious nature, the EVE gate is referenced in a number of theories, conspiracies, and legends in New Eden's history. In Y109 a massive light source, bright enough to be seen throughout New Eden was observed by the population. Lasting for several weeks, the light vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Popular opinion holds that this "bootini star" was actually the light from the EVE gates collapse in the ancient home of New Eden's colonists, finally reaching their children's eyes. Scientists were quick to dismiss this notion based on their calculations of the theorized distance to the ancient homeland and estimated passage of time, but some still choose to believe that the bootini star was their brush with ancient history. They theorize that the EVEgate may have moved the ancient colonists through time as well as space, or that New Eden itself moves on a different timescale. The truth may never be revealed.