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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

This page is an overview of the economic system and flows of capital in EVE Online.

The Economy of EVE Online[edit]

So, you may have heard that EVE Online has a detailed economy and market system, more so than any other MMO or RPG ever (which is just hearsay since I haven't played every other MMO or RPG ever made and do not intend to). Perhaps you said to yourself "Self, let us look and see what all the hype is about." and then you proceeded to read some about EVE, get the trial, and go look at the market with an eye towards making something. Then you saw that there are not just ore, minerals, and components in the Manufacture & Research section, as you originally guessed, but also a whole bunch of other stuff, like moon materials ("I warped to all sorts of moons with my retriever and couldn't find any!"), gas clouds ("I let my ship travel straight towards the nebula all night and STILL didn't get there!"), and polymers ("Just what are those anyway?"). Additionally, while researching what minerals go into making what items, you find that your vast knowledge of Terran materials science, geology, and industry is more than somewhat misleading ("I mean, why would ANY of these items, much less ALL of them, be so reliant on real veldspar??? So, in an attempt to clarify where all this stuff comes from and what transformations it takes, please enjoy the following.

Lines of Manufacture[edit]

All of the items in EVE are not derived from minerals alone, but are instead divided into several lines of manufacture. The lines are divided by material origin and final product type. The lines are:

Tech 1 (T1)

Tech 2 (T2)

Note that moon mining and POS reactors are disallowed in high security space.

Tech 3 (T3)

POS reactors may be run in wormhole space.


Salvaging T3 player shipwrecks and Sleepers NPC shipwrecks produces ancient salvaged materials, which are used for T3 production, not in rigs. See Above.

Boosters (Booster Manufacture)

Gas clouds do not spawn in high security space.
POS reactors and drug labs may not be run in high security space.
The trade goods "Spirits" and "Water" are used in some booster/booster material production.


Ice products are used as fuel for capital and covert ops ships' jump drives, capital ships' and POS' siege/reinforced modes, and as general fuel for keeping POS operational.
Some trade goods are also used as fuel for POSs {Enriched Uranium, Oxygen, Mechanical Parts, Coolant, Robotics}.