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Electronic Attack Ship[edit]


Electronic Attack Ships (also known as: Electronic Attack Frigates, EAFs or EAS) are Tech II frigates that are heavily specialized in their race's method of electronic warfare.

Due to their relatively high cost, low survivability, and short range when compared with their cruiser counterparts, Electronic Attack Ships are not a commonly used ship. But despite their downsides, EAS are very useful as a highly mobile electronic warfare platform in roaming frigate gangs, and also have a limited niche in more general fleet engagements.

Electronic Attack Ships Hulls[edit]

  • Gallente
    • Keres
      • The Keres specializes in sensor dampening, and recieves bonuses to warp disruptor range and capacitor use as well. The Keres is excellent in sniper gangs, as it can tackle larger ships at very long range (for a frigate), then damp them to the point where they cannot return fire.
  • Minmatar
    • Hyena
      • The Hyena is one of the most versatile EAS, as it receives bonuses to microwarp drive capacitor penalty, target painter effectiveness, and stasis webifier range, as well as receiving a small sig radius reduction. The Hyena is most effective in gangs using mostly missiles for damage, as it can slow the target to a crawl from long range, as well as greatly increase the target's signature radius.
  • Caldari
    • Kitsune
      • The Kitsune is a straight ECM boat, receiving bonuses to ECM strength, range, and two bonuses to ECM capacitor use. Due to the ship's ability to completely shut down a target with relative ease, it is the most popular of the EAS line of ships and is arguably the only one with a real role in a traditional fleet - due to its high sensor strength it can lock and jam enemy ECM ships before they can jam anyone else, making it passable anti-ECM ECM ship.
  • Amarr
    • Sentinel
      • The Sentinel receives bonuses to energy vampires, energy neutralizers, and tracking disruptors, and also has a spacious (for a frigate) 60m3 drone bay, though it has only 20mbit of drone bandwidth. The Sentinel abilities may be limited in a roaming gang as the target will be dead long before the Sentinel sucks the target's cap dry, however its use of tracking disruption, with suitable scripts, offers a viable alternative. The Sentinel is possibly the odd one out of EAS in that is a viable solo ship - it can use its drones for damage while its neuts shut down the target's tank and tackle, and the tracking disruptors prevent effective return fire.

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