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Name Electus Matari
Ticker -EM-
Type Immersive RP
Founded 107.08.27
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO CJ Walker
Diplomat(s) Treyvn, Elsebeth Rhiannon
Public Channel Public - EM
Website Electus Matari Forums
Executor Tribal Consortium Management Services
Members Tribal Consortium Management Services

The Wild Bunch (TWB) Gradient (GRD) Lutinari Syndicate (LUTI) Bionesis Technologies (BIONE) Slecgwyrhta Industries (SLECG) Royal Order of Security Specialists (ROSS)

Electus Matari is an immersionist role-playing alliance. They take every action in game in character, and are in character by default, only acting out-of-character in out-of-character channels.

What Exactly Do We Do?[edit]

The Electus Matari FAQ
Full Coalition Member of GW Greater Coalition

General History[edit]

((Founder corps need double checking --Meklon 13:07, 29 December 2008 (UTC)))

Electus Matari, officially founded in 107.08.27 by a close knit of like minded Matari corporations (Gradient, Minmatar United Freedom Front, Liberal Trading Co, Minmatar Marines, Mercenaryz, Void Spiders, Frogly Enterprises, FarCry Inc, Thrace Inc) who were selected to provide a more structured industrial and logistic capacity to the The Republic by assisting The Republic Fleet and The Republic Security Services.

Along with the industrial and logistic support to the Minmatar Republic, was also chartered to actively defend the citizens, assets, and territory of the Minmatar Republic from all threats internal and external, while supporting the human rights and liberties of all Matari including those currently living in foreign captivity.

Since its formation, Electus Matari has constantly strived to make the Republic a safer and more affluent entity. Constantly adhering to their charter, Electus Matari pilots have continued to expand the Matari industrial sector, going from strength to strength while, at the same time, showing their combat expertise in regular anti-pirate operations within the more unscrupulous areas of Republic space.

Electus Matari Charter[edit]

Our Purpose

At the end of its last legislative session Parliament appointed a special commission to study the readiness of the Republic’s private sector to mobilize in response to war and other international crises. Given the “Thukker situation” and the collapse of major jump gate highways, there was concern about the Republic’s ability to maintain a strong and flexible industrial infrastructure. After a six-month investigation the Commission for Strategic Security delivered a report to Parliament which remains largely confidential. What the commission has done publicly is to encourage the most loyal corporations of the Minmatar military industrial complex to form an alliance.

The purpose of this new alliance is to strengthen the private sector’s ability to act rapidly in support of the Republic’s security interests. The alliance, named Electus Matari , is chartered to pursue the following goals:

 - Provide industrial and logistical support to Republic Fleet and Republic Security Services.
 - Actively defend the citizens, assets, and territory of the Minmatar Republic from all threats internal and external.
 - Support the human rights and liberties of all Matari including those currently living in foreign captivity.

Several corporations were chosen to form the nucleus of Electus Matari . The participation of these corporations was entirely voluntary. Other corporations may be invited to join Electus Matari in the future.

As political tensions seem to be on the rise within every arm of the galaxy it is only prudent that the Minmatar Republic prepares for the worst even as it strives to maintain the peace. Electus Matari will work to ensure that the Republic may depend on a strong industrial base in times of crisis. Citizens may rest assured that should the present cold war turn hot, the Republic Fleet will have all of the support it requires to fulfill its obligations.

It is a duty of all of the Electus Matari to represent the Alliance and its cause in the strongest possible positive light. We will guide the lost, aid the Matari people, fight with intelligence and integrity and at all times, behave in a professional and dedicated manner.

Command Structure

                      Alliance Executor
                      Alliance Council
       |                                              |
    CEO's                                Event Directors

The council's duty is to advise and discuss current / possible future situations with the Alliance Executor and also to propose possible plans for expansion of the Alliance. While the council are an important part of the Alliance command structure, the final say will always fall to the Executor. The council consists of a representative of each member corporation of the Alliance, generally the CEO, however, a designated member of a corporation (in the form of Proxy for their CEO) may represent their corporation during Council discussions and, if allowed by the corporate CEO, make the corporations council decision. (Each corporation may have 3 'representatives' sitting in the council chambers at any time - however, only one of them will be the nominated speaker for the corporation)

Event directors are there to organise and oversee Alliance based operations, this includes Mining operations / exploration / archaeology / mission running etc. An Event Director does not need to currently hold a strong leadership position withing their corporation, however, they must prove they have the ability to consistantly organise the event they have chosen to direct as and when required as per Alliance policies. During the active event, the Event Directos will be in complete control of the operation and his / her orders will be followed.

Due to the nature of the Electus Matari , no Amarrian will be set above any member of the Electus without that member's express permission.

War and Skirmish History[edit]

As with most pod pilot organisations, war is unavoidable, so like any other organisation, Electus Matari has had their fair share of wars. While not all the outcomes have always been in their favour, each kill... each loss... every round of ammunition spent is an experience for every pilot to learn from...

(107.08.25 / 107.08.27) Slave Liberation In The Mandate[edit]

IGS logs available for download Slave Liquidation Camal; Slavery and God's Will This Day
"Then like Heralds, Angels, Harbingers of Justice flown upon the Winds of our Lord the Mighty Ushra’khan and Electus Matari stormed the pirate cesspool and dominated the systems, retrieved the slaves, and proved to all that God’s will supported them even forcing the Pirates to submit to their will. Where was the CVA? Where was Aegis Militia? Nowhere to be found."

(107.09.05) Slave Liberation in Yooh[edit]

IGS logs available for download Another Blow to the Empire
"Today at approximately 21:00, the Impel class transport, piloted by Khifomek Mareyi of the Amarr Trade Registry, was intercepted and destroyed by a small group of pilots determined to resist the tyranny of the Amarr empire. Dezzyb0y, Karn Sadi, kojo, deadlock X, kay0, Biggus Tankus, Erpy Esa and Thetis Midvar were among the pilots who assited me in eliminating this menace."

(107.10.07) Electus Matari & Ushra'Khan Destroy Pirate Station in Amamake[edit]

IGS logs available for download Ushra'Khan Debriefing Intercepted
"Commander Eddie Gordo led a fleet of approximately 20 Battleships, a small support fleet, and a handful of 'suicide' frigates to divert fire from the main battlegroups during warp in. This fleet was supplimented significantly by support from Amamake locals including members of Electus Matari."

(107.11.30) Olfeim Sovereignty Defended[edit]

IGS logs available for download Olfeim Sovereignty Defended
"Let it be known that the system of Olfeim is the Sovereignty of the Minmatar Republic and is NOT owned by Purgatorial Janitors Inc. as they like to claim."

(108.05.29) The FUCO War[edit]

IGS logs available for download Press Release-Electus Matari destroys POS
"Fury Corp had declared war on Electus Matari (-EM-) and we have grown tired of letting them dictate the terms. Communication with Namtz'aar k'in (NMTZ) pilots revealed that they were about to confront FUCO in Hedal. The decision was made to support NMTZ in this effort."

(108.07.01) Pirate Invasion of 9UY4-H[edit]

IGS logs available for downloads A Statement From The Establishment, Thoughts on the pirate war vs Ushra'khan, A Message To Ushra'Khan, Tour of duty
"The scale of the conflict surpassed everyone's expectations, drawing attention from all over the cluster. With The Establishment heading the attacking force and the Ushra'Khan and mutual allies ISS heading the defense, the forces seemed evenly matched and it looked like the battle could continue forever. Both sides had extensive capital fleets at their disposal, and hundred-strong swarms of fighter craft were common sights."

(108.12.02 to Current) The Slaver War[edit]

IGS logs available for download The Brutor Freedom Front and Electus Matari - Partners in Crime, Battle At Kourmonen, PIE - The Electus Matari, Time to honor old friendships, EM/PIE War Diary, NMTZ joins -EM-/PIE war, For freedom, CVA declares war to punish Matari terrorists, CVA war update, NMTZ War situation update, CAIN now allied with Amarrian loyalists, -EM- War Update, To PIE and EM (+allies), -<link>REPLACE_ME</link>- The Battle of Onga Gate, -VV- declares war on EM, Amarr Fleet Repelled from Republic Space

(109.01.30) The Ammatar War[edit]

IGS logs available for download -EM- War Announcement, -EM- Ceasefire Agreement Delictum 23216 Pilots Break Ceasefire with EM

(109.07.27) The Fall Of Unity[edit]

IGS logs available for download Assault on terrorist central - 9UY, Manipulation of Sylph Continues, CVA Supports Piracy?, Providence is a Warzone! Be prepared! Know the sides!, Unity Station Captured by CVA, 9uy Status - CVA vs. Ushra'Khan, The siege and fall of Unity Station (9UY) - Battlereport, The Beacon goes Out

(109.04.30) Operation Sage and Onion[edit]

IGS logs available for download Electus Matari, Terrorists, Terrorist Attacks Ultimatum!, Bare Witness, Time, R.I.P: Electus Matari, A challenge to evanda char, Jaded Honour, Three Steps Closer, En-Slaver News, The Inevitable Victory!, The sage

(109.08.16) Blood From The Heavens[edit]

IGS logs available for download Blood from the Heavens - War Declaration, There's Blood from the Heavens? OMG!, More Blood from the heavens - Revolutions, More Blood from the Heavens? ONOES, Blood from the Heavens -Letter to EM and Namtz'aar k'in-

(109.09.16) The CAIN war[edit]

IGS logs available for download NMTZ figting with EM, Operation Just Redress Winds Down

Past -EM- Members[edit]

((Some corporations may need double checking due to possible database corruption --Meklon 12:00, 28 December 2008 (UTC)))

Liberal Trading Co (LTRAD)
Frogly Enterprises (RIBBT)
Pioneerz (PERZ)
Rising Sun Mining Inc. (RSMI)
Arms Of The Matari (Corp Ticker Here)
Alkekenge (ALK)
Sidewinder Technologies (SFAT)
Minmatar United Freedom Front (-MUFF)
Minmatar Marines (-M-M-)
Lone Gunmen (LGM)
A.W.M (A.W.M)
Nomads (NOE)
Thundercats (HOO)
Arcane Technologies (ATUK)
Celestial Apocalypse (CELES)
ClanKillers (206)
Rubra Libertas Militia (RUBRA)
E X O D U S (E X O)
The SMITE Brotherhood (TSBH)
Void Spiders (VOSP)
Leonard J. Crabs Legal Consortium (LJC)
Acme Technologies Incorporated (ACTEC)
MercenaryZ (MFGY)
Skyborne Exploration (SBX)
unite the nations (SAFER)
Devils League (UPINU)
FarCry Inc (FARCR)
JumpDrive Inc (JUMPD)
Rising Sun Inc. (R-ISE)
Ascent To Glory (A2G)
Yiotul Fighters (-YF-)
Missions Mining And Manufacture (3M3)
Vorace. (VOR.)
Phoenix Wing (-NIX-)
United Women for the Minmitar Republic (UWMR)
Matari Fleet Recon (REC0N)
Xentinel Group (XNTL)
Rho Dynamics (RHO)
17th Minmatar Tactical Wing (17TW)
Ixion Defence Systems (IXDS)
Magma Dragon (MAGMA)
Thrace Inc(.T.)

Articles Of Interest[edit]

(107.08.27) Electus Matari, a new corporate alliance within the Minmatar Republic
(107.10.11) -Press Release- Skyborne Exploration
(107.11.18) -RFAUX- A gesture of good will to the Electus Matari
(107.11.30) -Official Electus Matari Statement- The Insorum Protoype
(108.01.14) -Gradient press release- Gradient leaves Electus Matari
(108.01.18) -VOSP press release- VOSP leaves Electus Matari
(108.06.25) Thrace Inc ends it's service to the Republic
(108.07.02) Public denial
(108.11.21) The Defiants
(108.12.29) Secure Minmatar Communications
(109.01.01) Happy New Year from Electus Matari
(109.01.11) Of Wolves and Sheep
(109.01.17) -EM- Announcement Of Engagement
(109.02.06) -EM- The death of Karishal Muritor and Ushra'Khan's Response
(109.02.20) The 'Wolves' of Pator crime
(109.04.01) Gradient talks with EM
(109.04.23) Intercepted Communication from Inkelm constellation
(109.04.26) A Report To Sani Sabik
(109.05.09) Matari Politics - A Symbiotic View
(109.05.13) Rho Dynamics Press Release Rho joins the EM
(109.05.17) -SPCS- Statement Concerning Slave Escape Ring Discovery
(109.06.05) For sale: "Blood God" Toilet Paper
(109.06.07) 40 Thouand Souls
(109.07.03) -EM- Announcement of Resignation
(109.08.01) The Sentencing of Tavok
(109.08.24) Mercy Flight
(109.08.30) A voice that can no longer be silenced
(109.09.02) A Formal Apology to CAIN from Electus Matari
(109.09.26) The Battle of Vullat
(109.10.02) Cruoris Seraphim Announcement
(109.10.07) Children of Gehenna attempt to assassinate Scagga Laebetrovo
(109.10.07) -Official Delictum 23216 communique- A vicious crime
(109.10.09) The Traitor's End
(109.10.23) A Light Shines for a Moment in a Soul of Darkness
(109.11.09) -REC0N- Matari Fleet Recon goes it alone
(109.12.21) The Defiants call upon you
(110.01.05) -MUFF New CEO
(110.01.17) The 411
(110.02.07) Please Hold while I laugh
(110.02.24) -MUFF Sleeping in Light...
(110.03.18) Electus Matari?
(110.03.26) -NIX- Official Statement
(110.03.26) A failure of justice

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