Elohim X-Instinct Production Facility

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Cosmic Signature Details
Elohim X-Instinct Production Facility
Signature Strength  ?
Type Gas
Equipment needed Data Analyzer
Security 0.4 - 0.0
Known Regions Feythabolis
Pirate type Angel Cartel

Elohim X-Instinct Production Facility is a combat Gas Site, found in Angel Cartel Territory.

After warping in, you will land approximately 30km away from four Cruise Missile Batteries, two Energy Neutralizing Batteries, and several Frigates (some of which may scramble/web), Cruisers, and Battleships. The spawn may be lead by a named Angle Cruiser or Angle Battleship.

There is one respawn of 3 Frigates, 3 Cruiser and 5 Battleships after killing all of the initial spawned Battleships (not including the named one, may be killed first)

There is a varying number of spawn containers in the site, each accessible only by using a codebreaker (Note: Destruction of enemy ships is NOT required to hack and open the containers).

The spawn containers have a possibility to contain X-Instinct reactions or blueprints of varying strengths (standard, improved, and strong). The containers may also drop booster related skills, such as Neurotoxin Recovery, Nanite Control, and Drug Manufacturing.

None of the Large Collidable Structures drop anything.