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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Empire space, often shortened to "Empire", is the area of space where the four major factions, The Amarr Empire, Minmatar Republic, Caldari State, and Gallente Federation as well as The Khanid Kingdom and Ammatar Mandate, hold sovereignty. Empire space encompasses the space with a positive security rating (from 0.1 to 1.0). As sovereignty is already held by by one of the factions, alliances may not lay claim to sovereignty anywhere in Empire space.

In addition to the controlling faction, CONCORD jurisdiction is limited to Empire space with a security status of 0.5 or above. Empire space is also restricted to those who maintain a positive security status. Those players having a negative security status are at risk of punishment for entering high security systems. Please see the Security Status article for more information on CONCORD jurisdiction and system restrictions.

Player Owned Stations can be anchored in Empire space. Please see below for requirements and general information.

Empire POS Setup[edit]

General Information[edit]

  • Player Owned Starbases can be anchored in Empire space from security levels 0.1 to 0.7
  • Anchoring a POS in Empire space requires faction with the region's controller, calculated by the formula 10 x system security level. Example: You are trying to anchor a POS in an Amarr Empire controlled system with a security level of 0.5. You must take 10 x 0.5 to calculate the standing you will need with the Amarr Empire to anchor a POS, in this case it would be 5.0. This standing is required from the faction that holds sovereignity towards your corporation and is updated at downtime. It's value is an average of faction standiings towards corporation members.
  • Empire space POSes which are anchored in space with a security level of 0.5 or higher require an additional fuel item: Starbase Charters
  • There are starbase charters available for all the Empire controlling factions
  • Starbase charters can be acquired through Loyalty Point stores and the market system
  • Empire POS cannot harverst moons. This can be done only on low-sec systems.
  • 2d EveMaps contains information on outpost types.

Empire Sovereignty Listing[edit]

Amarr Empire[edit]

Ammatar Mandate[edit]

Caldari State[edit]

Gallente Federation[edit]

Khanid Kingdom[edit]

Minmatar Republic[edit]